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A memo is a written document used for communication purpose within an organization. Memos are often used to instruct about, remind, or highlight a particular issue. Memo, short for Memorandume, is normally structured on semi formal basis and is usually not more than a page long.

Origin of the name

The word "memo" is a short form of the Latin word "memorandum" meanings; call to mind, to mention, recall, etc. The plural form of the Latin word "memorandum" is "memoranda" but in English it is "memorandums" and hence the plural of the word "memo" is "memos".


When it comes to memo template the theme of the document might be different but the outline is usually very similar and includes two main sections: the Heading and the Message body. The Heading section identifies the recipients, the sender, date on which the document had been sent and the subject, which explains the purpose of the communication. Message body section is where you describe the subject matter in detail.

The Heading

To: fill in the name of the recipient. For an informal memo use only the first name. For a formal memo use a full name of the recipient. Also, if the recipient is in some other department, mention his / her full name along with the name of the department. It is not required to write a salutation before the name, for example, Mr., Miss, Ms, or Mrs. in informal memos while salutations are recommended when memo is formal.

From: fill in the sender's name. Again, only the first name for informal memo and full name for formal memo. Moreover, sender's full name along with his / her department name is recommended to send the memo from one department to another.

Date: enter the date when the memo is sent. If you company is international, you want to avoid possible confusion between different date formats ( and mm.dd.yy) by writing your date in a confusion-free manner, e.g. June 8, 2013.

Subject: identify the pupose of the memo in a clear, short, descriptive subject.

The Message

This is where the actual message of the memo goes. Try keeping it short and fit everything a single page. If your message is longer, use subheadings to divide your message.

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