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When teenagers look for part-time job their first choice is often babysitting as many think it’s an easy and quick way to make money. Just think about it, anyone can get a job where all you have to do is watch TV while parents are out for a dinner, right? Wrong.

Parents are very careful when it comes to choosing a babysitter, and twice as careful if they need someone who will be taking care of their child or children alone.

This job comes with a lot of responsibilities. What is required? What are some duties you are expected to do?

Duties and Responsibilities of a babysitter

Your responsibility is taking care of the kids. Sometimes you might be asked to help around the house or do light housekeeping, but this is usually optional.

  • Activities, games, reading books
  • Keeping kids safe
  • Reporting to parents
  • Housekeeping¬†(i.e. washing the children’s clothes, towels, and bed linens, washing dishes)
  • Cooking (i.e. preparing meals and snacks for children)

Having previous working experience is a huge plus. Having a good reference triples your chances to get a job. To look responsible and professional, consider making a babysitter resume where you list all relative skills and personal characteristics.

Key points to make a great babysitter resume

Whether you are applying to work in a day care, private home, or a child care center, it is important to present yourself in the best way with a resume that communicated expertise and trust.

A child care worker is expected to have many soft skills, focused on assisting children learn and grow. Nurturing kids and helping them learn how to behave well, while also providing a fun environment is a difficult task.

Name and Address

Don’t forget to include your phone or email so that parents can contact you. If you don’t have either one then it’s ok to put down email or phone of your parents.

Career Objective or Summary

In a few short sentences tell the parents why you are interested in this position, and what makes you a good candidate.

Related Skills

Sit back and think what skills you possess that make you a perfect babysitter. List them all here.

Other Skills

These are the skills of secondary nature but they add value to your resume. For example, skills like punctuality, good verbal and written skills are not necessary to get a babysitter job but they certainly help.

Working Experience

If you have prior working experience either as a child care worker or a babysitter/teacher/tutor, this will be a huge plus and you should list that along with the family / company for whom you are / were working.

Hobbies and Interests

You may have a long list of hobbies and interest but only list those that can be applied in a babysitting job. For example, “Reading story books” is a hobby that can be used while caring for children, so do mention it.

Verifiable References

You should have a list of references ready to be contacted after an interview, as a position in this field nearly always requires a check. Always ask your referee to be listed as your reference.

Sample babysitter resume

Bellow you will find an excellent and well written babysitter resume that you can use to apply for babysitting jobs. Just tweak it a little by adding your own information, and it’s ready to help you getting that babysitting job. Looking for a different design? See this page with over 200 free resume samples.

Here are two classic formats you can use, both come with sample content to give you some ideas. If you already have your resume content ready, and just looking for a great template, be sure to check all resume templates to find a style you like.

Babysitter Resume Template

Babysitter Resume Sample

Classic version of a babysitter resume. Formal and neutral style that is appropriate for any application.

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Child care resume sample

child care resume sample

Child care resume sample relevant experience (child care worker), benefit-driven skills summary section, and education.

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