14 Free Christmas Invitation Templates

Download Unique and Personal DIY Designs for Free Printable Christmas Invitations

free holiday invitation templates

DIY Christmas Invitations are unique and personal way to invite people to your event. If you are creative person and have a good knowledge of text editing software (Microsoft Word, Mac Pages, OpenOffice), photo editing software (Photoshop), and vector editing software (Illustrator), you can easily create your own printable invitations from scratch. It will cost you very little or nothing at all, and it will display your message exactly the way you want it.

If you don’t know how to make one yourself or simply don’t have the time, just browse our collection of printable holiday invitations to find the template you like. We created many invitation templates with different themes and designs that you can use for Christmas, New Year, Corporate end of year party, and other events.

To use our templates simply choose a design you like and download it to your computer. The file can be opened in MS word, OpenOffice or Mac Pages. Customize it any way you like and, once done, it’s ready to be printed or emailed. Consider using these printable invitation templates as an online invitation. Most of your guests probably have an email address – why not inviting them by email? Just make a pdf file (pdf files will ensure your invite looks exactly the same way on different computers), and attach it to your email. No printing, no paper, no mailing, no cost.

See our Christmas Flyer templates and Christmas Gift Certificates to get even more ideas for your invitation!

More holiday invitation templates for Word

New Year Event invitation


Elegant design with red gradient background and golden stars.

  • Size: 1.23 MB
  • Downloads: 5,489
  • Filename: New-Year-Event-invitation.doc
  • Uploaded: 2009-10-05 13:23:00 / 2503

Christmas tree invitation


Very simple template with Christmas tree background image and blank space for message.

  • Size: 405 kB
  • Downloads: 15,894
  • Filename: Christmas-tree-invitation.doc
  • Uploaded: 2009-10-05 13:23:00 / 2319

Blue Christmas party invitation sample


Christmas or New Year party invitation sample with large text box for your message.

  • Size: 165.5 kB
  • Downloads: 9,645
  • Filename: Blue-Christmas-party-invitation-sample.doc
  • Uploaded: 2009-11-21 13:23:00 / 2251

Holiday event invite


Initially designed for New Year Event, it can also be used as an invitation card for the Christmas party or a cocktail party.

  • Size: 422.5 kB
  • Downloads: 9,073
  • Filename: Christmas-tree-invitation-flyer-free-template.doc
  • Uploaded: 2006-11-01 13:23:00 / 2317

Snowman invitation sample


Winter holiday invitation sample with an image of a snowman in a header and blank space for text.

  • Size: 454.5 kB
  • Downloads: 9,011
  • Filename: Snowman-Christmas-invitation-sample.doc
  • Uploaded: 2009-10-05 13:23:00 / 2648

Christmas tree hanging decoration


Christmas tree hanging decoration design with white background and small text box for event details.

  • Size: 273.5 kB
  • Downloads: 5,962
  • Filename: Christmas-tree-hanging-decoration.doc
  • Uploaded: 2009-10-05 13:23:00 / 2315

Annual Holiday red theme


This elegant red theme is originally designed for Annual Holiday party invitation but can be easily adapted for any other holiday event.

  • Size: 3.92 MB
  • Downloads: 7,800
  • Filename: Annual-Holiday-Party-invitation.doc
  • Uploaded: 2013-05-10 14:35:00 / 2549

Red Christmas invitation


Red holiday theme with centered text box for invitation message.

  • Size: 1.72 MB
  • Downloads: 11,350
  • Filename: Red-Christmas-invitation.doc
  • Uploaded: 2009-10-05 13:23:00 / 2555

Yellow background with snowflakes


Creative design with abstract yellow background and snowflakes. Perfect for winter events, Christmas, and New Year.

  • Size: 289.5 kB
  • Downloads: 7,184
  • Filename: Christmas-yellow-invitation-sample.doc
  • Uploaded: 2009-11-21 13:23:00 / 2323

Dinner And Dancing Evening Invite


Advertise your Christmas-specific events! Invite people to share in your celebrations of the holiday with this vibrant flyer.

  • Size: 1.1 MB
  • Downloads: 9,439
  • Filename: Dinner-and-Dancing-Evening-Invite.docx
  • Uploaded: 2013-12-10 20:01:00 / 3396

Square Holiday Postcard


Invite others to a gathering of joyful festivities in light of the winter season and all of the celebrations therein with this simple elegant card.

  • Size: 268.06 kB
  • Downloads: 6,379
  • Filename: Square-Holiday-Postcard.docx
  • Uploaded: 2013-12-10 20:01:00 / 3416

Dinner Party Invitation


Celebrate Christmas Eve with your friends and family! This Christmas Eve Dinner Party Invitation will give your invitees all the information they need to know about your dinner plans.

  • Size: 75.86 kB
  • Downloads: 5,113
  • Filename: Dinner-Party-invitation.docx
  • Uploaded: 2013-12-10 20:01:00 / 3392

Dinner And Cocktail Party


Prepare for Christmas by having a dinner party with friends and family! This flyer can be used as an announcement, or as an invitation.

  • Size: 966.32 kB
  • Downloads: 11,105
  • Filename: Dinner-and-Cocktail-Party.docx
  • Uploaded: 2013-12-10 20:01:00 / 3394