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Free Christmas flyer templates

Christmas is a time when millions of people are hitting the stores and websites to get gifts for their friends and family. In many countries it is the biggest and the busiest holiday of the year. Christmas is a season when we like to buy gifts for others to show that we love and appreciate them. In the last ten years, Americans have spent (on average) anywhere between $400 to $1000 per person when purchasing gifts for the holiday!

It’s no wonder that Christmas is a busy time for all kinds of businesses – they want to be able to make as much money as possible during the holidays. Different promotion techniques are used to win customers’ business: advertisement, coupons, promotions, special deals such as sales or discounts, and so on. One of the easy marketing techniques to promote businesses or products during the holidays is to use posters and flyers.

Flyers can be printed on a desktop printer or by a professional printing company. They can then be put up in the window or distributed by mail to potential buyers. If you already communicate with your customers by email and have a marketing database you can also use flyers to run an effective email campaign.

Why use templates?

Designing your own flyers is very time consuming and expensive. If you don’t have the right set of skills, it can also yield very mediocre and unprofessional results. Don’t despair if you don’t have the time or the skills to create a flyer from scratch – consider downloading one of our Free Christmas Flyer templates. They will save you time, money, and the headache of coming up with creative ideas.

Whatever your marketing strategy is, we hope you will find our flyers useful. You can also use these documents as greeting cards, invitations, or gift certificates. If you simply need a creative layout idea, you can also use our free gift certificate templates and free invitation templates to create your Christmas flyer.

More beautiful Christmas Flyer templates

Old paper Christmas flyer

Old paper Christmas flyer

Whether you're hosting a steampunk Christmas party or selling crafts for charity, this flyer will catch eyes and get the word out about your event. Beautiful grunge design with old paper background for your message.

  • Size: 2 MB
  • Downloads: 11283
  • Filename: Old-paper-Christmas-flyer.doc
  • Uploaded: 2009-10-05 13:23:00 / 2509

Blue snowflakes Christmas flyer free template

Blue snowflakes Christmas flyer free template

Promote your winter event with this snowy flyer! Invite others to a Christmas dinner or to the local sledding hill for some fun. You can use this theme for any winter season or winter holidays events and promotions (Christmas, Christmas Eve, New Year).

  • Size:
  • Downloads: 17732
  • Filename: Blue-snowflakes-Christmas-flyer-free-template.doc
  • Uploaded: 2009-10-05 13:23:00 / 2267

Christmas tree green flyer free template

Christmas tree green flyer free template

This flyer can be effective for almost anything from selling Christmas trees to hosting a Christmas lunch.

  • Size:
  • Downloads: 26662
  • Filename: Christmas-tree-green-flyer-free-template.doc
  • Uploaded: 2009-10-05 13:23:00 / 2313

Christmas snow flyer free template

Christmas snow flyer free template

Share some seasonal greetings! Let others know about things going on in your business or life; use this flyer as Christmas advertisement, gift certificate, or a greeting card.

  • Size: 338 KB
  • Downloads: 22211
  • Filename: Christmas-snow-flyer-free-template.doc
  • Uploaded: 2009-10-05 13:23:00 / 2309

Santa Claus Ho-Ho-Ho Christmas flyer

Santa Claus Ho Ho Ho Christmas flyer

Have Santa help bring eyes to your cause! Use message section to tell your customer about new products, store discount or coupons, or special Christmas promotion.

  • Size: 150 KB
  • Downloads: 7513
  • Filename: Santa-Claus-Ho-Ho-Ho-Christmas-flyer.doc
  • Uploaded: 2009-10-05 13:23:00 / 2576

Christmas tree flyer design

Christmas tree party flyer

Throw a New Year's party! Invite others to celebrate the end of the year with you, or let them know about some of the discounts and sales going on in your business with this attractive red holiday design.

  • Size: 1 MB
  • Downloads: 10529
  • Filename: Christmas-tree-flyer-design.doc
  • Uploaded: 2009-10-05 13:23:00 / 2321

Red christmas party flyer

Red christmas party flyer

Let others know about your event! Invite them to partake in festivities and games, or send this as a greeting card to your friends and family.

  • Size: 420 KB
  • Downloads: 10552
  • Filename: Red-christmas-party-flyer.doc
  • Uploaded: 2009-10-05 13:23:00 / 2563

Gray elegant Christmas greeting card

Gray elegant Christmas greeting card

Tell your friends and family what you've been up to! You could put a picture of your family in the message box and write a letter on the back of this greeting card, or use this template as a flyer for another Christmas event.

  • Size: 816 KB
  • Downloads: 14193
  • Filename: Gray-elegant-Christmas-greeting-card.doc
  • Uploaded: 2009-10-05 13:23:00 / 2448

Seasons Greetings Card

Seasons Greetings Christmas Card

Celebrate the season! Invite friends and family to your holiday celebrations with this winter-themed greeting card.

  • Size:
  • Downloads: 8842
  • Filename: Seasons-Greetings-Card.docx
  • Uploaded: 2013-12-10 20:01:00 / 3412

Dinner And Cocktail Party

Dinner and Cocktail Party Invitation Template

Prepare for Christmas by having a dinner party with friends and family! This flyer can be used as an announcement, or as an invitation.

  • Size:
  • Downloads: 11558
  • Filename: Dinner-and-Cocktail-Party.docx
  • Uploaded: 2013-12-10 20:01:00 / 3394

Dinner And Dancing Evening Invite

Dinner and Dancing Evening Invite

Advertise your Christmas-specific events! Invite people to share in your celebrations of the holiday with this vibrant flyer.

  • Size:
  • Downloads: 9891
  • Filename: Dinner-and-Dancing-Evening-Invite.docx
  • Uploaded: 2013-12-10 20:01:00 / 3396

Dinner Party Invitation


Celebrate Christmas Eve with your friends and family! This Christmas Eve Dinner Party Invitation will give your invitees all the information they need to know about your dinner plans.

  • Size:
  • Downloads: 5544
  • Filename: Dinner-Party-invitation.docx
  • Uploaded: 2013-12-10 20:01:00 / 3392

Charity Event With Santa

Charity Event with Santa Invitation

Let others receive the blessing of giving, and give them an opportunity to share their abundance with those who don't have much through a "Christmas Benefit."

  • Size:
  • Downloads: 4115
  • Filename: Charity-Event-with-Santa.docx
  • Uploaded: 2013-12-10 20:01:00 / 3374

Children Christmas Party

Children Christmas Party Invitation

Children Christmas Party flyer which can also serve as an invitation to your charitable Christmas celebration, or other holiday event.

  • Size:
  • Downloads: 2445
  • Filename: Children-Christmas-Party.docx
  • Uploaded: 2013-12-10 20:01:00 / 3376

Children Holiday Party

Children Holiday Party Invitation Template

Begin the end-of-year celebrations with a party for the children! Just because Christmas is over doesn't mean the fun is – invite some of the neighborhood's kids on over and enjoy the winter season.

  • Size:
  • Downloads: 2648
  • Filename: Children-Holiday-Party.docx
  • Uploaded: 2013-12-10 20:01:00 / 3378

Annual Christmas Dinner

Annual Christmas Dinner Invitation Template

Celebrate an annual tradition! Invite others to join the festivities as Christmas nears, and continue a yearly custom of jubilation.

  • Size:
  • Downloads: 3256
  • Filename: Annual-Christmas-Dinner.docx
  • Uploaded: 2013-12-10 20:01:00 / 3370

Annual Fair Announcement

Annual Fair Announcement Invitation Template

Advertise the Christmas Market! People don't usually start buying Christmas gifts until the end of the year begins looming. Give them the chance to get a head start with a Christmas Fair.

  • Size:
  • Downloads: 3245
  • Filename: Annual-Fair-Announcement.docx
  • Uploaded: 2013-12-10 20:01:00 / 3372

Christmas Eve Service

Christmas Eve Service Invitation Template

Advertise your Christmas Eve service with this flyer. Whether used as a flyer or an invitation, this will be sure to get people through the doors on the night before Christmas.

  • Size:
  • Downloads: 3113
  • Filename: Christmas-Eve-Service.docx
  • Uploaded: 2013-12-10 20:01:00 / 3380

Christmas Lunch Invitation

Christmas Lunch Invitation

Gather together for a Christmas lunch! Invite your friends and family to join you for a meal together to rejoice over the holidays.

  • Size:
  • Downloads: 2661
  • Filename: Christmas-Lunch-Invitation.docx
  • Uploaded: 2013-12-10 20:01:00 / 3382

Christmas Luncheon Invitation

Christmas Luncheon Invitation

Have your friends join you for a Christmas luncheon! The holidays are a great reason to spend more time with your friends and family and enjoy a good meal while you're at it.

  • Size:
  • Downloads: 2499
  • Filename: Christmas-Luncheon-Invitation.docx
  • Uploaded: 2013-12-10 20:01:00 / 3384

Christmas Menu

Christmas Menu

Create professional-looking Christmas Menu with this simple and elegant template.

  • Size:
  • Downloads: 4984
  • Filename: Christmas-Menu.docx
  • Uploaded: 2013-12-10 20:01:00 / 3386

Church Concert Flyer

Church Concert Flyer

Start off the Christmas season by inviting the community to share in the timeless tradition of singing Christmas carols, and thus spread some holiday cheer.

  • Size:
  • Downloads: 2840
  • Filename: Church-Concert-Flyer.docx
  • Uploaded: 2013-12-10 20:01:00 / 3388

Community Concert Program

Community Concert Program Template

Listen to some Christmas carolers! Traditional carols are a big part of the canon Christmas celebration. Invite others to hear novel renditions of their favorite classics.

  • Size:
  • Downloads: 2329
  • Filename: Community-Concert-Program.docx
  • Uploaded: 2013-12-10 20:01:00 / 3390

Discount Shopping Flyer

Discount Shopping Christmas Flyer Template

Tell everyone about your Christmas gift sale! Everyone's trying to get a good deal around the holidays – let them know one of the places they can find a great one.

  • Size:
  • Downloads: 2288
  • Filename: Discount-Shopping-Flyer.docx
  • Uploaded: 2013-12-10 20:01:00 / 3398

Square Holiday Postcard

Square Holiday Christmas Postcard

Invite others to a gathering of joyful festivities in light of the winter season and all of the celebrations therein with this simple elegant card.

  • Size:
  • Downloads: 6819
  • Filename: Square-Holiday-Postcard.docx
  • Uploaded: 2013-12-10 20:01:00 / 3416

Sending Heartfelt Wishes

Sending Heartfelt Wishes Christmas Card

Send the season's greetings and let someone know how much you love them and are thinking about them this Christmas with this simple elegant flyer.

  • Size:
  • Downloads: 3006
  • Filename: Sending-Heartfelt-Wishes.docx
  • Uploaded: 2013-12-10 20:01:00 / 3414

Wishing Merry Christmas

Wishing Merry Christmas

Send your merriest Christmas wishes! Send a Christmas greeting and let someone know how much they mean to you and that you are thinking about them as this time of the year rolls by.

  • Size:
  • Downloads: 978
  • Filename: Wishing-Merry-Christmas.docx
  • Uploaded: 2013-12-10 20:01:00 / 3418

Retro Santa Card

Retro Santa Card

Send your Christmas and New Year's greetings! Let Santa and his trusty reindeer head this card that you can send out to family, friends, acquaintances, or even strangers.

  • Size:
  • Downloads: 833
  • Filename: Retro-Santa-Card.docx
  • Uploaded: 2013-12-10 20:01:00 / 3408

Generic Merry Christmas Card

Generic Merry Christmas card

Wish others a Merry Christmas or invite them to a celebration of the holiday with this seasonal greeting card.

  • Size:
  • Downloads: 1814
  • Filename: Generic-Merry-Christmas-card.docx
  • Uploaded: 2013-12-10 20:01:00 / 3400

Happy Holidays With Ribbon

Happy Holidays with Ribbon Christmas Flyer Template

Gather to celebrate the holidays! Invite others to join you and your family at a party to commence the holiday season with good cheer.

  • Size:
  • Downloads: 2949
  • Filename: Happy-Holidays-with-Ribbon.docx
  • Uploaded: 2013-12-10 20:01:00 / 3402

Join Us For Christmas Celebration

Join us for Christmas Celebration Christmas Flyer Template

Welcome others to help you celebrate Christmas! Invite them for food, games, or a gift exchange so that you can all spend some quality time together during the holidays.

  • Size:
  • Downloads: 1686
  • Filename: Join-us-for-Christmas-Celebration.docx
  • Uploaded: 2013-12-10 20:01:00 / 3404

Season Thank You Card

Season Thank You Card Christmas Flyer Template

Use this Christmas season to thank others! Let someone know how much you appreciate them and what they've done for you, or maybe just thank someone for having you over for a Christmas meal.

  • Size:
  • Downloads: 914
  • Filename: Season-Thank-You-Card.docx
  • Uploaded: 2013-12-10 20:01:00 / 3410

Merry Christmas With Bubbles For Text

Merry Christmas with Bubbles for Text Christmas Flyer Template

Let others know that you're thinking about them this holiday season, and tell them how important and special they are to you. Use this flyer to create unique and personalized flyers by writing text in bubbles by hand.

  • Size:
  • Downloads: 1157
  • Filename: Merry-Christmas-with-Bubbles-for-Text.docx
  • Uploaded: 2013-12-10 20:01:00 / 3406

9 Free After Christmas Sales Flyers

How were your Christmas sales? Did you run out of your product? If so, you did a great job drawing crowds before Christmas. But, if not, you still have merchandise to sell, preferably before the end of the year. We all know how inventory can cost us at the beginning of a new year!

An After Christmas Sale is a great way to attract people to your product. How do you get the word out to your potential customers? Advertising cost is high. You have a short window of opportunity to prepare an ad. Choosing the correct media can be difficult to predict. FREE After Christmas Sale Flyers are the solution.

Create your own message and look professional at the same time with our flyer templates. They are already designed with diverse themes that fit your particular style. Completely downloadable in Microsoft Word, the flyers are easy to customize with your logo, location, offers and product description.

Here are just a few tips for using our After Christmas Sale Flyers:

  • Everyone likes a “deal”: Let people know about  your reduced prices
  • Attract new business: An attractive, bright After Christmas Sale flyer stands out in a crowded sales market
  • Offer an incentive: Entice customers to come in between specific hours to get a  special deal
  • Reward  your customers for future business: Add a percentage or amount off new inventory of your products in January and February
  • Make your flyer stand out: You have many designs to choose from, so you can choose one that fits your market
  • Get a wide distribution: Flyers are a versatile way to inform potential customers that you are having a sale
  • Get to know complementary businesses: Leave your flyers with other companies that can funnel customers to you
  • Post your flyer: Bulletin boards, display windows and tourist information centers provide high visibility for an attractive flyer
  • Track sales from the flyers: Include a free gift offer when the customer brings the flyer with them

And here are a few suggestions for distributing:

  • Post your flyer at businesses next to or near your location
  • Take the electronic file to a printer for large quantity printing
  • Mail your flyer to out of town customers
  • Display your flyers at a “point of sale” kiosk
  • Send the flyer with your family members to their places of business, activities or classes
  • Make electronic version and send it to your customers’ email addresses
  • Post the flyer on your business website
  • Make the free “gift-with-flyer” something that has your logo on it

We have prepared over a dozen templates for you to download and customize to your purposes. If you don’t find one you like on this page, be sure to see our Christmas Flyer TemplatesChristmas Gift CouponsChristmas Invitations, and Christmas Gift Certificates.

Using Microsoft Word, here is how:

  1. Download the template file
  2. Open with Microsoft Word
  3. Click on each blank line to type your information
  4. Add a logo, picture, clipart by choosing Insert on the menu bar and select the type of item to insert
  5. Add a symbol using Autoshapes on the Drawing Toolbar
  6. Change the font and color with Format>Font on the menu bar
  7. Save the file and print the flyers on a color printer  using card stock or 24 lb paper

We hope your result from our After Christmas Sale Flyers is a success. Send us a message with any new ideas you have for flyer types. If you like these templates, we can create more from your suggestions. Let us know how well your after Christmas Sales went. Tell us how you were able to track the source of your sales back to the flyer. Have a successful After Christmas Sale event and celebrate the New Year with new business.

Colorful Sale Tags

Colorful Sale Tags Sale Flyer

Generic design will fit any type of merchandise from fine jewelry to a men’s store. The text boxes have room for dates and details in a stately font style.

  • Size: 254 KB
  • Downloads: 1128
  • Filename: Colorful-Sale-Tags.docx
  • Uploaded: 2013-12-24 21:22:00 / 3468

Gift Box With Sunrise

Gift Box with Sunrise christmas flyer template

Clean graphic with large letters requires little or no editing. You can insert a text box or logo for more information if required.

  • Size:
  • Downloads: 830
  • Filename: Gift-Box-with-Sunrise.docx
  • Uploaded: 2013-12-24 21:22:00 / 3476

Christmas Toy Sale

Christmas Toy Sale christmas flyer template

This colorful flyer is appropriate for the little people’s shops. A rocking horse and other toys create a playful design.

  • Size:
  • Downloads: 693
  • Filename: Christmas-Toy-Sale.docx
  • Uploaded: 2013-12-24 21:22:00 / 3466

Contemporary Announcement Design

Contemporary Announcement Design christmas flyer template

Seasonal red and fresh green colors announce the details of your sale. Several text boxes are ready to fill in, for logo, address and sale information.

  • Size:
  • Downloads: 766
  • Filename: Contemporary-Announcement-Design.docx
  • Uploaded: 2013-12-24 21:22:00 / 3470

After Christmas Bake Sale

After Christmas Bake Sale christmas flyer template

Yummy food and subtle tones! Insert photos of your baking masterpieces or any other foods you have on sale. A fund raising event, bakery or grocer can use this advertisement.

  • Size:
  • Downloads: 777
  • Filename: After-Christmas-Bake-Sale.docx
  • Uploaded: 2013-12-24 21:22:00 / 3462

Ribbon, Gifts And Balloons In A Fun Design

Ribbon, Gifts And Balloons In A Fun Design

The large red ribbon announcement tops a lively background with party gifts and balloons. Perfect for advertising children’s clothes, toy stores, party places.

  • Size:
  • Downloads: 745
  • Filename: Ribbon-gifts-and-balloons-in-a-fun-design.docx
  • Uploaded: 2013-12-24 21:22:00 / 3478

Elegant Gift Wrap Discounts

Elegant Gift Wrap Discounts christmas flyer template

Gold wrapping paper with a shiny ribbon background sets the stage for a sale at a gift shop, clothing store, home or decoration market. Your location and sale details along with dates and/or hours can be customized.

  • Size:
  • Downloads: 824
  • Filename: Elegant-Gift-Wrap-Discounts.docx
  • Uploaded: 2013-12-24 21:22:00 / 3472

Exploding Shopping Bag

Exploding Shopping bag christmas flyer template

For a youthful appeal, this flyer requires little editing. A large text box is a good place to insert all the details about your sales event.

  • Size:
  • Downloads: 754
  • Filename: Exploding-Shopping-bag.docx
  • Uploaded: 2013-12-24 21:22:00 / 3474

Big Sale

Big Sale Flyer Template

Red and green color scheme with Christmas decoration, stars, and ribbon. Bright and cheerful, the sale information stands out. You can add dates and store information in the artful boxes.

  • Size: 519 KB
  • Downloads: 1042
  • Filename: Big-Sale.docx
  • Uploaded: 2013-12-24 21:22:00 / 3464


To create these beautiful Christmas Flyer Templates we used free graphics from different sources. If you would like to download original vector files, see these links:

Have not found what you are looking for? Here are a few external links you may find helpful – search for free Christmas Flyers and Holiday Gift ideas: