13 Free Party Invitations for MS Word

Make Unique and Personal DIY invites with Printable Party Invitations Templates

free party invitations

Party Invitations are not just for formal events. Dinner party with friends, barbecue, pool party, graduation party… whatever the occasion is, you can do it in style. Creative, amusing, chick, simple, bold – we have something for everyone. Just download, add your text and image, and print or email.

Streamline design process with our free designs

If you don’t have much time to create an invitation from scratch, or if don’t know how to do it yourself, our free invitation samples will save you a lot of time. All of them are made in Word, and can be easily modified with Microsoft Word, Mac Pages, or OpenOffice. Click previews images below to see a bigger image.

More designs

Templates below are generic and will work for most events. For Office parties check our Office Party Invitation templates; for children events we have Kids Party Invitations.

Simple invite design


Very simple invitation that can be used for pretty much any occasion. Change text, add your own image.

  • Size: 27 kB
  • Downloads: 5,087
  • Filename: Simple-Party-Invitation-Template.doc
  • Uploaded: 2013-05-08 15:00:00 / 2960

It's a party


Another basic sample that will work for just about any occasion. This design is 5.5' x 5.5' so get your scissors ready if you are printing on a home printer.

  • Size: 862.85 kB
  • Downloads: 12,386
  • Filename: It-is-a-party-square-invitation.docx
  • Uploaded: 2013-05-08 15:01:00 / 2962

Club party invite design


Generic red theme that can be used for different types of invitations.

  • Size: 74.64 kB
  • Downloads: 3,789
  • Filename: Club-Party-Invitation.dotx
  • Uploaded: 2013-05-08 15:45:00 / 2964

Who When Where design sample


Party invitation for any occasion with colourful design. Three squares to give information about host, time and date, and location of the venue.

  • Size: 52.95 kB
  • Downloads: 7,037
  • Filename: Who-When-Where-Invitation-design.docx
  • Uploaded: 2013-05-10 08:49:00 / 2966

Spring and Flowers theme


Garden party invitation design with subtle colours and an image of flowers.

  • Size: 863.75 kB
  • Downloads: 6,937
  • Filename: Spring-Invitation.docx
  • Uploaded: 2013-05-10 08:49:00 / 2968

Colorful Squares blue design


Game-like theme that can be used for different occasions.

  • Size: 65.95 kB
  • Downloads: 4,001
  • Filename: Colorful-Squares-invitation.docx
  • Uploaded: 2013-05-10 08:54:00 / 2970

Green Theme


Simple green template with a copy space for your text. Use this template to invite people to a garden party, spring party, or a barbecue.

  • Size: 145 kB
  • Downloads: 4,191
  • Filename: Green-Party-Invitation.doc
  • Uploaded: 2010-05-20 13:23:00 / 2450

Yellow background with snowflakes


Creative design with abstract yellow background and snowflakes. Perfect for winter events, Christmas, and New Year.

  • Size: 289.5 kB
  • Downloads: 7,184
  • Filename: Christmas-yellow-invitation-sample.doc
  • Uploaded: 2009-11-21 13:23:00 / 2323

Green floral design


Green floral design, abstract theme with beautiful swirls and butterflies.

  • Size: 456 kB
  • Downloads: 15,869
  • Filename: Green-floral-invitation-free-template.doc
  • Uploaded: 2009-11-21 13:23:00 / 2452

Floral header template


Simple design with floral pattern background, the word “Invitation”, the invitation details (fields “to”, “cc”, “from”, “date”, “regarding”), and the message itself. You can remove some fields to make the template less formal.

  • Size: 294 kB
  • Downloads: 14,630
  • Filename: Floral-header-free-invitation-template.doc
  • Uploaded: 2009-11-21 13:23:00 / 2405

Red Floral header template


Another floral design with red color theme and flower heading.

  • Size: 266 kB
  • Downloads: 16,158
  • Filename: Floral-header-red-free-invitation-template.doc
  • Uploaded: 2009-11-21 13:23:00 / 2407

Brown grunge sample


Grunge design that can be used for an invitation, flyer, notice, memo, or other purpose.

  • Size: 755.5 kB
  • Downloads: 12,518
  • Filename: Brown-grunge-invitation-sample.doc
  • Uploaded: 2009-11-21 13:23:00 / 2285