19 Free Invoice Templates in Word (Blank)

Professional templates for any type of business. Free templates designed using Microsoft Word

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Invoice Templates in Microsoft Word – a valuable go-to for small businesses owners, service companies, writers, designers, and consultants.

Our professional and easy-to-use printable invoice templates are designed to help you look professional and keep your accounting straight and simple. Just choose the file that works best for your business, download it to your computer, and enter your own data. It’s that easy.

Why Word Invoice Templates?

There are many different invoicing solutions – invoicing software, online invoice makers, CRM… But if you are a small or medium-sized company, you probably don’t issue that many invoices. If that is the case with you, MS Word could be a fast and convenient way to type up and print out an invoice. The many formatting options available in Word make it easy to create unique, stylized, and well-organized professional invoices- even for somewhat complicated itemized lists.

What are the main benefits of using an invoice template?

  • Full control of the way your document looks
  • If you already know how to work with Microsoft Office, there is no learning curve
  • It costs you nothing (no monthly subscription or one-time fees)

Why should you use MS Word for creating an invoice?

  • You can incorporate small spreadsheets, or cut and paste full spreadsheets into a Word document.
  • It is surprisingly creative for office software: almost unlimited ability to cut and paste photos for use in enhancing the look, feel, and communicative quality of documents
  • Streamlined commands make data entry faster than ever.
  • Mail merge allows you to easily send text as a message.
  • Easy and intuitive formatting.

Remember that, with MS Word, complex equations are out of the question. If you often find yourself using a calculator to issue an invoice, Excel Invoice Template might be a better solution for your needs.

19 Blank Invoice Templates in MS Word

Creating an invoice document from scratch could take a lot of time: making tables, aligning components, choosing the right fonts and colors… Good news is, we’ve done all the donkey work. Our invoice templates provide basic structure and layout, so all you have to do is fill in the blanks.

  • Notebook Word

    Notebook Invoice Template Word

    The standard layout with left-aligned billing details and terms to create a formal appeal.

    • Size: 126 KB
    • Downloads: 8863
    • Filename: Notebook-Word.docx
    • Uploaded: 2016-07-25 15:45:00 / 11727
  • Technicalities Word

    Technicalities Invoice Template Word

    Tight layout with alternating rows, bold header, and plenty of space for additional information.

    • Size: 51 KB
    • Downloads: 4483
    • Filename: Technicalities-Word.docx
    • Uploaded: 2016-07-25 15:37:00 / 11721
  • Banker Blues Word

    Banker Blues Invoice Template Word

    Clean layout suitable for businesses of all sizes and types.

    • Size: 70 KB
    • Downloads: 3240
    • Filename: Banker-Blues-Word.docx
    • Uploaded: 2016-07-25 15:28:00 / 11715
  • Banner Blocks Word

    Banner Blocks Invoice Template Word

    The information hierarchy is consistent with traditional invoices, but the personality embodied is completely unique.

    • Size: 50 KB
    • Downloads: 2279
    • Filename: Banner-Blocks-Word.docx
    • Uploaded: 2016-07-25 15:22:00 / 11707
  • Greenlight District Word

    Greenlight District Invoice Template Word

    Green color accents highlight categories and titles to make it easy to locate relevant sections.

    • Size: 41 KB
    • Downloads: 2347
    • Filename: Greenlight-District-Word.docx
    • Uploaded: 2016-07-25 15:14:00 / 11701
  • Modern Minimalist Word

    Modern Minimalist Invoice Template Word

    Clear fonts and spacious alignment for readability, modern minimalistic design.

    • Size: 50 KB
    • Downloads: 2648
    • Filename: Modern-Minimalist-Word.docx
    • Uploaded: 2016-07-25 15:08:00 / 11692
  • Classic Grid Word

    Classic Grid Invoice Template Word

    Traditional organization scheme creates a classic invoice template suitable for any business.

    • Size: 49 KB
    • Downloads: 1668
    • Filename: Classic-Grid-Word.docx
    • Uploaded: 2016-07-25 15:03:00 / 11686
  • Double Trouble Word

    Double Trouble Invoice Template Word

    Modern look created with two shades of gray to keep information organized.

    • Size: 51 KB
    • Downloads: 1883
    • Filename: Double-Trouble-Word.docx
    • Uploaded: 2016-07-25 14:55:00 / 11682
  • Corporate Rundown Word

    Corporate Rundown Invoice Template Word

    Minimal design accents so you can customize the look to your brand.

    • Size: 136 KB
    • Downloads: 1596
    • Filename: Corporate-Rundown-Word.docx
    • Uploaded: 2016-07-25 14:43:00 / 11674
  • Money Maker Word

    Money Maker Invoice Template Word

    The page layout stretches from the top margin to the bottom by including payment terms and transactional details with plenty of whitespace in between.

    • Size: 44 KB
    • Downloads: 1335
    • Filename: Money-Maker-Word.docx
    • Uploaded: 2016-07-25 14:36:00 / 11667
  • Waterfall Word

    Waterfall Invoice Template Word

    Right alignment to capture the invoice details, sans serif fonts, and a layered effect for or a visually pleasing and easy to read invoice.

    • Size: 34 KB
    • Downloads: 1107
    • Filename: Waterfall-Word.docx
    • Uploaded: 2016-07-25 14:23:00 / 11661
  • Teal Time Word

    Teal Time Invoice Template Word

    Generic straightforward design for any business; subtle visual elements for a modern twist.

    • Size: 48 KB
    • Downloads: 1221
    • Filename: Teal-Time-Word.docx
    • Uploaded: 2016-07-25 14:15:00 / 11653
  • Clean Cut Word

    Clean Cut Invoice Template Word

    Traditional Word Invoice Template makes this download a valuable go-to for corporations or small businesses.

    • Size: 37 KB
    • Downloads: 1297
    • Filename: Clean-Cut-Word.docx
    • Uploaded: 2016-07-25 14:07:00 / 11647
  • Moonlight Word

    Moonlight Invoice Template Word

    Subtle details, modern typography, and a miniature logo add layers of design to this template without cluttering the page.

    • Size: 51 KB
    • Downloads: 1291
    • Filename: Moonlight-Word.docx
    • Uploaded: 2016-07-25 13:56:00 / 11641
  • Sublime Word

    Sublime Invoice Template Word

    A modern twist on a classic layout - the minimalist header and small font.

    • Size: 66 KB
    • Downloads: 1044
    • Filename: Sublime-Word.docx
    • Uploaded: 2016-07-25 13:47:00 / 11635
  • Tangerine Totals Word

    Tangerine Totals Invoice Template Word

    Ample white space mixes with the formal text to create a professional Microsoft Word invoice with space for a thank-you note.

    • Size: 49 KB
    • Downloads: 1167
    • Filename: Tangerine-Totals-Word.docx
    • Uploaded: 2016-07-25 13:39:00 / 11626
  • Sunset Word

    Sunset Invoice Template Word

    Cool warm tones, great use of white space, draw attention to the numbers.

    • Size: 71 KB
    • Downloads: 1180
    • Filename: Sunset-Word.docx
    • Uploaded: 2016-07-25 13:31:00 / 11619
  • Modern Professional Word

    Modern Professional Invoice Template Word

    Clean presentation, elegant shaded background with two sections.

    • Size: 48 KB
    • Downloads: 1181
    • Filename: Modern-Professional-Word.docx
    • Uploaded: 2016-07-25 13:25:00 / 11614
  • Blue Boxed Word

    Blue Boxed Invoice Template Word

    Traditional fonts fill the easy-to-read grid section, which features subtle blue shading.

    • Size: 44 KB
    • Downloads: 1466
    • Filename: Blue-Boxed-Word.docx
    • Uploaded: 2016-07-25 13:17:00 / 11607

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