Medical Certificate Sample

A medical certificate can be suggested as a statement or health related issues containing legal form presented by doctor to patient or his/her family is called a medical certificate. It’s a legal certificate which a doctor use as a confirming note that briefly state the condition of someone’s health known as medical certificate.

However a medical certificate generally issued by the doctor or medical superintendent to that person who was under the observation of doctor, in addition maybe handover to patient’s family on the behalf of such hospital where treatment of patient was running. Medical certificates are given for various reasons like when patient suffer with those conditions mention at bottom; such as; physical surgeries, measles, chicken-pox, hepatitis, leprosy, and long lasting hospitality and whooping cough, short term medication like typhoid fever, migration from one hospital to another & even more. Medical certificates are prepared on paper and consist of a certified proclamation exceptionally made by health care provider after examine the overall health condition of patient. The major purpose of a medical certificate is to keeps it as a record of all the details of treatment as well as other piece of info relevant to the treatment. Thus, medical certificate helps to prove that certain person get treatment from particular hospital. In case a medical certificate also required by the agents when somebody is going to apply for the visa of specific country. Without question suchlike certificate insures aforesaid person is perfectly all right & has not any harmful disease.

Although a medical certificate often created by hospital’s staff at that time when patient all set to leave the hospital. Nevertheless a medical certificate may prepare via using the advance techniques of all time popular Microsoft Office programming tools, such as; Ms Word, Publisher and Outlook. Here these professional software & few other ready made templates are also available which can be found through internet & most likely assist health providers to make a specialized medical certificate quickly. To all appearance a medical certificate comprises following stuff, for instance; doctor’s name, person’s info,( gender, age) symptoms of disease, condition of patient, hospital’s name, marital status of patient, citizenship, place where he/she live, treatment start date, treatment end date, discharge time/date, etc. Medical certificates are significantly important because they require when person ask by company to shows any prove of illness, although when patient return to work immediately after their healing phase or medical tests he show his medical certificate to his employer as an evidence of his illness. Almost certainly in field of job patient will only be allowed to return to his/her work upon submission of an original medical certificate. Meanwhile patients should also have a medical certificate if they’ve a health insurance policy or something similar. In addition a statement written by the doctor maybe includes the reason against person was suffering from illness. No doubt a medical certificate worth nothing until it doesn’t have doctor’s signature & legal stamp. Furthermore a medical certificate is also incomplete if it wasn’t verified by legal answerable authority.

Medical Certificate Template

Medical Certificate Template
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