31 Sample Agreement Templates

  • Website Maintenance Agreement

    Website Maintenance Agreement

    Basic website maintenance agreement sample between a client and a website developer.

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  • Stock Subscription Agreement

    Stock Subscription Agreement

    This stock subscription agreement sample includes all of the necessary information about two companies entering agreement as well as the prices of the stocks as a group and individually. The sample also covers the closing costs and details pertaining to the risks of purchasing stocks. Another component addressed in this sample is the expectations the investors and the company have regarding their financial relationship.

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  • Stock Sale Agreement

    Stock Sale Agreement

    This stock sale agreement states the opening costs of the stock, as well as the cost of multiple shares. The sample also details the closing price of the stock and the company’s expectations regarding the closing of that stock.

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  • Solar Power Purchase Agreement

    Solar Power Purchase Agreement

    This solar power purchase agreement sample is between three different entities - the energy provider, the solar panel designer / installation company, and the “host” business that the solar panels will be placed upon. This sample includes the payment agreement between the energy provider and the installation company. It also states the terms of use between the “host” and the energy provider. The agreement also dictates the period of time the solar energy source will be used, the maintenance agreement, and the terms of being a green energy source.

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  • Series LLC Operating Agreement

    Series LLC Operating Agreement

    This series LLC operating agreement sample pertains to a limited liability company that owns three properties, as well as three small businesses located on those properties. This sample will include the expectations of the members within the “master” LLC, as well as the members of the individual properties and businesses.

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  • Room Rental Agreement

    Room Rental Agreement

    This room rental agreement sample describes the landlord’s expectations for room upkeep, property allowances, and house rules. This sample also states in detail the payment of rent, the agreed upon price of utilities and the conditions of the possible termination of the lease.

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  • Real Estate Partnership Agreement

    Real Estate Partnership Agreement

    This real estate partnership agreement sample is between two friends who are purchasing four rental homes together. They have agreed that both partners will take equal responsibility for the initial purchase of the homes and the costs of renovations. The sample will also state all of the expectations that the partners have for one another after the homes have been renovated, and their participation in the renting of the properties.

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  • Real Estate LLC Operating Agreement

    Real Estate LLC Operating Agreement

    This real estate LLC operating agreement sample is based on the formation of a small LLC with six different properties (a parking garage, four rental homes, and a small business). The owners of the properties state the individual assets included with their properties, their individual roles and expectations within the company, and the various actions needed if there is negligence towards a property or if a member of the LLC leaves.

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  • Professional Service Agreement

    Professional Service Agreement

    This professional service agreement includes a description of the services to be provided, expectations of both parties, and the conditions of time and payment. It also includes specifics as to what would happen if the services are unsatisfactory.

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  • Product Distribution Agreement

    Product Distribution Agreement

    This product distribution agreement sample is for a partnership between a toy manufacturer and a department store. It clearly states the terms of their agreement in a concise, formal manner.

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  • Product Development Agreement

    Product Development Agreement

    This product development agreement sample between a company and a product developer outlines the terms and conditions and is signed and dated by the two representatives.

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  • Patent License Agreement

    Patent License Agreement

    Patent licensing agreement sample between an inventor and a manufacturer to transfer the patent over and clearly lists all of the terms and conditions of the arrangement.

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  • Partnership Business Agreement

    Partnership Business Agreement

    This is a partnership business agreement sample for a new company. The owner is creating a partnership to help get his business off the ground, so to make everything clear and legal, he draws up an agreement that lays out the terms.

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  • Mutual Confidentiality Agreement

    Mutual Confidentiality Agreement

    This mutual confidentiality agreement sample is for two company owners planning to merge their businesses. They wish for important company inside information to remain confidential throughout their business dealings, so they sign an agreement that obligates them to refrain from disclosing private matters to others.

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  • Member Managed LLC Operating Agreement

    Member Managed LLC Operating Agreement

    In this member managed LLC operating agreement sample all of the members are equally contributing to the company. The terms and conditions for each member are the same, including each member equally splitting the costs of buying out an obsolete member.

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  • Marital Dissolution Agreement

    Marital Dissolution Agreement

    This marital dissolution agreement sample is written by a divorce lawyer whose client is petitioning for dissolution of marriage. He meets with the client and her husband and records all of their agreements on the division of their property in order to have seamless divorce proceedings.

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  • Management Service Agreement

    Management Service Agreement

    This management service agreement sample includes a detailed description of the services to be provided, as well as what all parties are to expect from the services. It also includes an agreed deadlines, pricing, and what all parties responsibilities would be if the service is terminated.

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  • Limited Liability Operating Agreement

    Limited Liability Operating Agreement

    This limited liability operating agreement sample shows the formation of an LLC by seven different members. Each individual member is providing different types of assets to the LLC. This sample will state the conditions of each individual member concerning profit gain and loss. This sample will also provide a brief overview of a “managerial operating agreement” that could be included, as well.

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  • Internal Service Level Agreement

    Internal Service Level Agreement

    This internal service level agreement sample is for a company and its technical support department. It clearly outlines the service department's roles and responsibilities as they relate to the smooth running of the company as a whole, listing its offerings and scheduling. It is approved and signed by the appropriate managers.

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  • General Partnership Agreement

    General Partnership Agreement

    This general partnership agreement sample pertains to the formation of a baking company between two partners. The agreement describes the roles of both of the partners within the company. It also lays out the various details concerning start-up investments, the division of profits, and the possibility of the partnership dissolving.

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  • Equipment Purchase Agreement

    Equipment Purchase Agreement

    This equipment purchase agreement sample document details the selling of a series of televisions and DVR recording devices. The agreement is between an electronic company named A to B Electronics and a sports bar called X and Y Sports Bar. This sample includes the necessary information for both companies, a description of the equipment being purchased, and a maintenance agreement and a payment plan.

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  • Equipment Lease Agreement

    Equipment Lease Agreement

    Basic equipment lease agreement sample for a steam cleaner rental company.

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  • Construction Loan Agreement

    Construction Loan Agreement

    This construction loan agreement sample is between a builder and a lender and details how the funding will be disbursed and what will happen if either party does not perform their obligations.

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  • Computer Service Agreement

    Computer Service Agreement

    This computer service agreement provides a description of the services provided to the customer as well as a detailed price agreement. It outlines what should happen if the services are not finished on time, not done up to the customer’s standards, or if the service provider damages any property.

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  • Computer Maintenance Agreement

    Computer Maintenance Agreement

    This computer maintenance agreement sample covers the terms and conditions of a partnership between a business firm and a computer maintenance company.

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  • Commercial Tenancy Agreement

    Commercial Tenancy Agreement

    This sample commercial tenancy agreement is for the rental of a main street building that will serve as a spa. The building will not require any structural changes in order for the spa to begin operation, and the tenant has agreed to the landlord’s terms, conditions and monthly rental fee:

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  • College Roommate Agreement

    College Roommate Agreement

    This college roommate agreement sample focuses on two college grad students who have rented a house off campus. One roommate is a female and the other roommate is a male. For this example, both students will have early morning classes and only one of the roommates is in a relationship with someone who is not residing in the home.

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  • Client Confidentiality Agreement

    Client Confidentiality Agreement

    This is a client confidentiality agreement between a consultant and a business firm. It outlines the terms of the agreement, provides a list of subjects which are to be considered confidential information and lets the receiving party know its legal boundaries.

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  • Business Operating Agreement

    Business Operating Agreement

    Basic business operating agreement sample for a computer repair business.

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  • Business Confidentiality Agreement

    Business Confidentiality Agreement

    Basic non-disclosure agreement that defines information considered confidential, and a plan of actions in case of disclosure.

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  • At Will Employment Agreement

    At Will Employment Agreement

    This sample at will employment agreement is for a computer programmer who is going to work for a software developer. It is vitally important to the employer that newly developed software is developed in confidentiality and that no intellectual property laws are violated by employees.

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