Certificate of Membership Templates

For membership-based organizations, part of serving their members is recognizing the people who make their activities possible. If you run, organize, or own an institution or club, you can benefit from using membership certificates for this purpose. Official member recognition makes the pivotal difference between a loosely organized club and a professional organization.

Recognizing Members

Recreational Group Membership

A high quality life membership certificate can offer a sense of legitimacy to any recreational organization. Whether you and your friends are passionate about sports, travel, automobiles or any of a wide variety of other subjects, demonstrable proof of membership allows you to create a brand poised for growth.

Some examples of recreational groups that could benefit from membership certificates are:

  • Running and bicycling clubs
  • Competitive martial arts teams
  • Bowling teams
  • Crossfit studios and weightlifting clubs
  • College and K-12 membership programs
  • And many more

Church Membership

Religious organizations rely on membership to demonstrate their values and generate a tight-knit sense of community. Using a high quality certificate of membership template, you can offer the faithful a life membership to your church or religious organization.

Combine a membership certificate autoenrollment program with your events to motivate people to join and remain with your church. If you take down contact information during user certificate autoenrollment, you can also create a newsletter that regularly, and directly, addresses your members.

LLC Membership

If you are in the process of incorporating a Limited Liability Company (LLC), membership certificate templates can offer an important means of establishing shared ownership. As an associate of one or more LLC’s, you are required to establish a formal, contractual relationship with your partners in order to form the company.

In most states, that relationship does not need to recognize a legal LLC membership certificate, but doing so can be beneficial, and is highly recommended by business experts. Much in the same way that corporations define ownership through stock certificates, membership certificates can define your LLC. Just make sure that you include provisions for certificate transaction in your LLC operating agreement.

While LLCs are governed by state law, corporations are governed by federal law. If you are considering opening a corporation, you will be obliged to provide each of your shareholders with a stock certificate establishing partial ownership.

Volunteer Program Memberships

If you own, operate, or work for a social volunteer organization such as the Lion Club or Leo Club, you should offer members personalized certificates legitimizing the work they put into your cause. By using a certificate of membership template, your organization can enjoy an authenticity similar to major international charities.

This is key to developing morale among your volunteers. Volunteers don’t get paid for their work, but their contributions need to be recognized. The small step of giving membership certificates to your volunteers can have an enormous influence on the final results of your organization’s activities.

Free Downloadable Certificate of Membership Template

Below, you’ll find professional-quality membership certificate templates. Simply download the files and input your organization’s information in the provided fields. It only takes minutes to create and print out an official membership certificate for your team, church, business, or volunteer organization.

Blank Membership Certificate

Blank Membership Certificate
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Certificate of Church Membership

Certificate of Church Membership
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Certificate of Membership Template

Certificate of Membership Template
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Church Membership Certificate

Church Membership Certificate
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Printable Membership Certificate

Printable Membership Certificate
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