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About Hloom and Getting in Touch

We’ve been making MS Office Templates since 2006. Back then, it was very difficult to find a decent template, so we started creating and sharing our own professional documents. We make this world a little better by generating top quality templates.


If you have a template that you think could be useful to our visitors, please send it to us and we will be happy to publish it. We will even link back to your site, facebook / twitter / google page!

Get Help

If you can’t find a template that you require, simply drop us a note describing your need. If we think other visitors could benefit from a template you need, we’ll create it and publish it on our site – free of charge!

Get in touch

Share your feedback, suggest a template, or just say ‘hi’. Use the contact form on this page or email us at info-AT-hloom-DOT-com and we’ll reply as quickly as we can.


Contact us

All our templates are 100% free. We do not have premium subscriptions, we do not charge for any services, and we do not sell anything. Although we no longer provide technical support or answer general questions via telephone, we will be very happy to help you by email.