Diverse Cover Letter Examples for 2024

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Cover Letter Examples For Different Scenarios

All cover letters follow a basic business letter format. However, the content changes according to the industry, years of experience, and career accomplishments. Here you’ll find cover letter examples for jobs and industries:

Referral Cover Letter example

Use this cover letter when someone has referred you to the application. Be sure to include their name and job title to add more credibility and attention to your application instantly. Always confirm that the person referring you is in good standing with the company.

Networking Cover Letter example

With a networking cover letter, you can reach out to colleagues, friends, and even family members in the industry of your interest. You can request advice on career moves, ask for introductions and alert them of your job search. Remember to maintain a professional and courteous tone while being concise and clear on the intention of your letter.

Prospecting Cover Letter Example

When you inquire about a possible position before applying, you can increase the chances that your job application will get noticed. Our prospecting sample cover letter shows you how to demonstrate an interest in the company and present what you could offer the company.

Cover Letter Example for Career Changers

When you experience career changes, use this cover letter to explain your transition. List how your transferable skills, like negotiation or project management, will help you thrive in a new industry. If there is also a gap in your resume, this is the perfect opportunity to acknowledge it and explain how it will benefit your career.

Cover Letter Example for Job Promotion

When applying for a promotion within your current company, this cover letter will show how serious you are about your career at the company. Include accomplishments reached in your current position and any goals you envisioned for the promotion. Remember to express your gratitude while mentioning your desire for a challenge and increased responsibilities.

Relocation Cover Letter Example

A relocation cover letter is ideal when you need to move from your current city or you have found a great job opportunity in another location. Be concise and genuine with your explanation for relocating so your employer knows you’re committed to the job process and not applying on a whim. The rest of the letter should flow into describing your most relevant skills and experiences.

Tips for Using Cover Letter Examples

Now that you’ve picked a cover letter example, it’s time to sit down and write your cover letter. Before you do, read these tips that will help your writing process. Keep them close as you create your job application letter.


Quantify results to show the impact of your achievements:

Numbers, percentages, and dollar amounts help demonstrate your achievements. This generates a greater impact on the reader. A recruiter might not remember that you had excellent sales skills, but they will remember you grew revenue by 20% or that you decreased by 28% the number of accidents in the workplace.


Tell a story:

Don’t just repeat what you wrote on your resume. Good cover letters expand on specific skills and achievements with storytelling filled with quantifiable results. For example, you could discuss how you resolved a conflict or when you managed to turn in a project in record time to accolades. This engages the reader and makes them want to learn more.


Don’t copy-paste the entire letter:

Use cover letter examples and templates as guides. They aim to help you craft a winning letter through a professionally written cover letter sample. Remember that employers will detect plagiarism; it should be about your career and skills and showcase both.


Be unique and tailor to the employer:

You should personalize all the placeholders of a cover letter sample to showcase your skills, experiences, and writing style. Change all the placeholders for your own skills, experiences, and personal writing style. Then, take what you have and craft it so that it speaks to the needs of the employer.


Use keywords found in the job description:

Keep that job posting tab open and use it to tailor your application letter. Recruiters will look for that particular set of skills, and you need to draw their eyes to what you offer. Write them as stated in the job ad.


Include accomplishments relevant to your employer’s needs:

If they’re looking for a leader but are not yet a manager, write about how you’ve demonstrated leadership skills in your current role. Also, remember to include in your job application letter any skills you learned in other industries that can help you land a new opportunity.


Match your tone and writing style to that of the company or role:

A traditional bank differs from a startup finance company, even if they both want to hire for the same position. The tone and writing style of good cover letters will show companies ‌you’ve done your research and understand who they are.


Proofread and spell-check your cover letter thoroughly:

Before you bask in the masterpiece you’ve created, make sure everything is spelled correctly. Spell-check your cover letter and get a second set of eyes to verify your spelling. Any mistake, even minor ones, can harm your professional cover letter in the eyes of a potential employer.

Try Our Cover Letter Builder

Try Our Cover Letter Builder

Simply choose a template, fill out a few prompts about your career and skills.

Hloom’s Cover Letter Builder

Another fast and easy option to create a winning cover letter is to use our cover letter builder. It will help you tailor your letter to the specific job you have applied for and give you step-by-step guidance.

it just takes three steps:

  • 1. Select a template from our library of professional designs
  • 2. Answer a few questions about your working background and style.
  • 3. Review your letter, download it, and you’re ready to apply!

Creating a resume with the help of Hloom’s Cover Letter Builder can save you loads of time and ensure that your cover letter will be top-notch.

Using our cover letter builder also provides access to Hloom’s Resume Builder.

Remember, if you’re applying to multiple jobs, you should customize your resume and cover letter to each role!

Cover Letter Examples FAQ

A cover letter sample can help you better understand how to format your own cover letter and how to write about your professional accomplishments and skills. An example of a cover letter can jump-start your writing. If you need some writing help, our cover letter generator can assist you with suggested pre-written phrases tailored to your industry and job title.

The best cover letter examples show you how a job application letter is written for a specific industry and how to highlight your skills and most significant career achievements.

A professional cover letter should always complement your resume and not repeat it. When reviewing an example of a cover letter, pay attention to how it’s crafted to capture the hiring manager’s attention.

Absolutely. A cover letter template is simply a design that elevates your letter and draws the reader’s attention. To find a template that fits your style, browse our collection of cover letter styles.

A cover letter builder is a tool that helps you write a stellar job application letter. You must add information regarding your career, skills, and experience. Next, select a writing style that works best for you. Our cover letter generator makes it quick and easy to write the letter that will get you noticed by recruiters.

Using a cover letter builder will reduce the time spent writing and formatting your job application letter and help achieve the professional quality expected by hiring managers and recruiters. The builder helps you to edit the letter to your tastes. It frees up your time to continue searching for that new opportunity and to hone your interviewing skills.

Use a business letter format for cover letters. Its structure should include your contact information and the recipient’s information at the top left, followed by a salutation or greeting, an introductory paragraph, a body paragraph where you include the bulk of your skills and experience and a closing paragraph. Visit our cover letter formats page to learn more.

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