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Including a professional cover letter with your resume can reap big rewards when you apply for a job. The cover letter is an important resume companion and one to hiring managers look for to determine if you are worthy of further consideration. Check out the Hloom’s cover letter examples below to find ideas on how to put your work accomplishments display.

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Accounting jobs have a high growth rate across the country, with states such as California, Texas and New York boasting 100,000+ bookkeeping jobs each. Find out more and view cover letter examples for a range of accounting jobs on the industry page to learn how to accentuate your resume.


Office administrative jobs are growing at a 7 percent rate, and individuals with specific skills can land a variety of positions in this industry. Read more on the industry page and learn how to customize your cover letter to catch the eye of hiring managers.

Business Management

Managers work with processes and people to ensure work gets done. Salaries vary widely by industry and types of jobs, but general managers average around $54 an hour. Read cover letter samples before writing your own to learn how to complement your resume and enhance your chance for an interview.


Web developer jobs are growing at 15 percent – much faster than the national average — and other creative positions are faring well in the gig economy. Whether you're going freelance or looking for full-time work, your cover letter and resume are important. Find out more about creative industries and view cover letter examples.

Customer Service

Customer service skills are required in a quarter of all jobs in the nation, and the customer service industry itself continues to be robust. Catch the eye of a recruiter by writing a cover letter and resume that show off these skills. View cover letter samples to get you started.


Education jobs offer competitive salaries and flexible benefits, such as summers off. Demonstrate your skills when you apply for these jobs by writing a cover letter that expands on important aspects of your resume. Learn more about education jobs in general and how to wow employers in this field.

Emergency Services

An emergency medical technician, cop or firefighter are careers that offer the chance to make a difference in people's lives. Learn about the industry and get tips for landing a job via cover letter examples you can use with your resume.


Architecture and engineering professionals make between $57,000 and $130,000 annually on average in an industry with steady growth. Discover more facts about these jobs and how to accentuate your resume with a great cover letter. You will find specific cover letter samples for a variety of positions.

Food Service

Food service positions let you put hospitality and customer service skills to use in a variety of job positions all offering growth potential. Visit the food service page to find out more about these jobs and review cover letter examples. Get inspired to write own cover letter to stand out to hiring managers.

Information Technology

Computer programmers make close to $40 per hour on average, and other jobs in the IT field also pay very well. To get an interview after a job application, though, you have to demonstrate specific skills, certifications, and knowledge. Learn how to do so with cover letter samples that help you highlight the specifics on your resume.


An aging population and new innovations are just a few factors driving constant job growth in the medical field. Hiring managers want to see applicants who can work closely with patients, have the right experience and credentials and demonstrate solid teamwork skills. Find out more about how to illustrate those traits with cover letter examples for medical jobs.


The job market for skilled workers is as strong as ever, thanks in part to a shortage of people with the right experience and credentials. Even so, you still need a cover letter and resume to get through the job application process. Check out the cover letter samples for numerous jobs in this industry.

Marketing and Sales

Almost 5 million people work in retail sales – millions more work in other types of marketing and sales positions. Land one of these jobs with a cover letter that demonstrates your communication, CSR and sales skills. Discover more about the industry and read cover letter examples to get ideas for your own.


Physical therapy jobs are growing at a rate of 28 percent, and other allied health care fields are seeing positive trends too. Landing a well-paying job as a specialist in this industry often requires a cover letter that helps demonstrate your capability. Find out more about therapy jobs and view therapy cover letter samples.

Child Care

You can often land child care jobs with short-term or on-the-job training, making them ideal entry-level positions. When applying for these positions, use your cover letter to explain how existing experience can transfer into the job. Learn more about child care job trends on the industry page.


Logistics employees are tasked with managing various elements of supply chains, ensuring goods and services are in the right place at the right time. Learn more about the positions available on the industry page and read cover letter examples for jobs such as logistician or supply chain manager.

Science and Biotech

STEM employment, in general, continues to trend up, representing more than 6 percent of all occupations in the nation. Find out what you need to know to write a cover letter to land a job in these fields.

Cover Letter Tips

  • 1Write a new cover letter each time you apply; it takes a few minutes to customize the letter to help yourself stand out to hiring managers.

  • 2Avoid writing multiple pages; the letter should be less than a page.

  • 3Use a template when writing to ensure you cover the basics, but make your letter unique.

  • 4Be specific when describing skills or accomplishments; the cover letter is where you expand on the information in your resume.

  • 5Include the hiring manager's or recruiter's name in the salutation whenever possible.

  • 6Research the employer so you can include a personal passion or interest connection in your letter.

  • 7Include a hook in your cover letter; that's an opening line that immediately draws employer interest.

  • 8Tell the employer what you can do for them— make the cover letter as much about them as possible.

  • 9Close the letter with gratitude, but don't express an assumption that the employer will take action.

  • 10Always proofread: a mistake can mean losing an interview opportunity.

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