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There are over 1.4 million people employed in the accounting industry according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. If you’re trying to land one of these jobs, your cover letter is the first chance to impress potential employers with your skills in crunching numbers, bookkeeping and budget proposals. Look through our extensive sample library below to find an accounting cover letter example you can use to fashion your own stellar document.

What Is an Accounting Role?

Accounting is an industry of numbers and knowledge of tax codes. More than that, successful accounting professionals are skilled at problem-solving, collaboration and communication. Your cover letter assures hiring managers that you have the skills to perform one of these high-level positions.

A general accountant cover letter builds on your resume, showcasing how your education and work experience meets the needs expressed in the job ad. Using your chosen accounting cover letter sample as a basis, highlight your qualification by sharing examples of successful work accomplishments.


Accounting Cover Letters Samples

Elevate Your Cover Letter

The most common sections you’ll see on a cover letter include:

Cover Letter Sections

Accounting cover letter headings contain your contact information, so it’s critical to double-check this section for inaccuracies. As you see in the example, you don’t need to put your full address, just city/state is enough. Make sure that you use a professional email address based on your name, not something funny or a nickname.



    To really make an impression, research the company you’re applying to and personalize your greeting with the name of the recruiter. Call and ask if need be. As you see in the above example, the email is addressed to Ezra Norwood. If you cannot uncover the name of the hiring manager you can address it to “Dear Hiring Manager.”



      Your introduction should include any relevant accounting keywords found in the job advertisement and should convey enthusiasm for the position. This is where you make your strongest argument for why you should get hired. Notice in the above example Caleb chooses to highlight his skills in organization, prioritization and execution as the most important reasons he should be hired.



        Make your case by offering professional anecdotes that showcase your ability to meet the needs of the company and the demands of the accounting role you are seeking. Above, you can see how Caleb outlines some of the skills he picked up from his last role in order to illustrate what he brings to the table for this prospective employer.



          Your closing creates an ending impression, so emphasize your interest, reiterate the reasons you’re a good fit and thank the recruiter for her time. Remember to include an invitation for future communication. From Caleb’s cover letter, you can see how he compels the employer to contact him by saying that he looks forward to a subsequent response.



            Before sending anything to accounting firms, make sure to proofread your cover letter. Check it for mistakes by reading it aloud and compare it to one of our accounting cover letter samples. Have a trusted friend or family member look over it to make sure everything is error-free and clear.



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