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The salary for an account manager in the accounting field can exceed $100,000 a year according to A strong cover letter helps you distinguish yourself as a candidate for this coveted position by mentioning key account management skills like attention to detail, relationship building and communication. Use Hloom’s account manager cover letter samples to write an engaging cover letter that stands above the competition.

Account Manager Cover Letter Sections

The most common sections you’ll see on a cover letter include:

Cover Letter Sections

The heading contains your full name and contact information, including your LinkedIn profile. Your email address should be a professional representation of your name, and not one with a cutesy or off-color name. You may wish to create a new email address strictly for job searching. For example, Jody’s email might look something like this:



    The greeting of your letter should be addressed to a specific person. Do some research on the company to find out the name of the person involved in your hiring as Jody did above to address her letter to Gianna Carter. That is the best practice. However, if you cannot find the name, the greeting may simply read “To Whom This May Concern” or “Dear Hiring Manager.”



      The introduction of your cover letter provides the hook — the position you are applying for and a reason for the hiring manager to keep reading. Mention specific desirable assets you could bring to the company as you see in the above example where Jody showcases her ability to make and have long standing relationships with her firm’s clients.



        This section is where you can paint a picture of yourself, your personal strengths and your passion for the industry. It’s not meant to recap the skills and experience documented on your resume, but rather to expand on them. As you can see in the above example, Jody gives a compelling idea of what her work persona is by mentioning how her attention to detail and strong interpersonal skills allowed her to salvage a working relationship with a company client who had undergone two management changes.



          The signature should be formal. “Very Respectfully” or “Best Regards” are good ways to close, followed by your name.



            Make Your Cover Letter Stand Out

            Dynamic action words and those specific to your industry make your cover letter stand out. Choosing to say “persuaded” and “orchestrated” highlight an account manager’s sales skills. Using “executed” as an option for achieving sales goals implies determined completion of a sale. If you’ve had experience with client recovery, use “reconciled” to describe your experience.

            Many larger companies use applicant tracking systems (ATS) to scan electronically submitted cover letters and resumes for keywords related to the open position. Account manager cover letters might contain words like “strategy,” “customer service” and “sales and marketing.” Whenever possible, tailor your cover letter’s verbiage to match that used in the company’s job description to increase ATS matches.

            Below is an example of an account manager cover letter that uses dynamic phrasing, quantifies accomplishments and contains keywords used for many account manager ATS search strings.

            “In my previous account manager role at Widget Tech, I monitored dozens of client portfolios in the widget and technology industries. My marketing campaigns persuaded new clients to purchase from Widget Tech, while my client reconciliation skills brought former accounts back to the company. My conversion rate for new leads was at 15 percent on average, while my client retention rate was consistently over 85 percent. Marketing initiatives I executed produced substantial ROI and increased our company's brand awareness to our target market.

            I was also tasked with the responsibility of developing a new RFP for renewing clients, including training the sales pitch team and developing a presentation strategy. My efforts resulted in a 40 percent win rate or an additional $15 million in new account revenue.”

            The use of specific action words is intended to match both the employer job description and ATS keywords, while quantifiable success demonstrates this applicant's dollar value to a company.

            Create your own cover letter with specific examples of your success, and review your wording to make sure it closely matches the job description posted by the company.

            Importance of Using Account Manager Job-Related Keywords

            In the last section, it was mentioned that many larger companies use ATS as a way to pre-screen candidates before job applications are looked over by a human. This is important because it means that if you don’t echo back some of the job keywords that were included in the job post, you will not pass the ATS and never be given serious consideration for the job. So, study the exact language of the job posting and make sure to include any applicable keywords included in the posting wherever appropriate in your cover letter.

            For an account manager, weaving keywords into your cover letter might produce something that looks like this:

            “My record for creating business proposals and overseeing projects that were on-time and under budget was top notch. Project management and customer support are two strengths I bring to the table as an account manager.”

            Build a Cover Letter

            Match Your Account Manager Cover Letter to Your Resume

            Your cover letter should flesh out the details included in your resume and bring them to life in concrete anecdotes when possible. Build your cover letter with instances from your resume’s work history where you successfully executed the responsibilities listed in the company's job description.

            Your cover letter can highlight relevant skills from a different job title listed in your resume to demonstrate your ability to perform in an account manager role. For example, a hotel manager seeking an account manager position can focus on the experience they've had retaining business, exceeding customer expectations and understanding client needs, transforming a mention of skills on your resume into a demonstration of in-depth knowledge of the target client profile.

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