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The job outlook for those in accountant roles is predicted to decrease 4 percent by 2028 due to computer automation according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. As competition for jobs increases, an accounting cover letter example shows you how to create your own letter that will help get you noticed by hiring managers. Review the cover letter sample and sections, plus action word advice and ways to market your skills in accounting to make your cover letter stand above the competition.

Sections of an Accountant Cover Letter

The most common sections you’ll see on a cover letter include:

Cover Letter Sections

List your contact information, date and potential employer’s address at the top of your cover letter sample in the heading. Add any relevant professional accounting credentials below your name, such as CPA, as you see in Ronald Holloway’s cover letter sample above. Use a professional email address, something clean that incorporates your actual name. For Ronald, that might look something like:



    Address your cover letter to the hiring manager for the accountant position you’re seeking just this example letter addresses Mr. Brown. By taking the time to learn more about the company and who will review your cover letter and resume, you demonstrate your dedication to pursuing the job. While not ideal, if you cannot uncover the specific name of the hiring manager addressing your letter to “Dear Hiring Manager” will work.



      Introduce yourself while grabbing the reader’s attention. Refer to the exact accounting job title used in the ad, and then make your best case for how your experience managing financial records for a previous company makes you a perfect fit for the position as Ronald cites his fiscal accuracy and thorough knowledge of tax law. Cite your the biggest value assets you’re going to bring to a new company right up at the top of the letter.



        Follow up your succinct introduction with a paragraph or bullet list that provides more in-depth information about your qualifications. Reference the skills requested in the ad, including accounting software programs you’ve mastered or the accounting area you specialize in. Notice that Ronald mentions his track record of meeting and exceeding performance goals at his former firm.



          Finish by reiterating your interest in the position. Add a statement about hoping to hear from the manager at the earliest convenience. Notice that Ronald mentions he looks forward to speaking with the hiring manager about the role in the near future.



            End your cover letter with a professional signature line that leaves the reader with a final sense of your personality, but with a tone appropriate for an accounting expert. You could include any certifications or professional titles you have that might complement your candidacy.



              Make Your Cover Letter Stand Out

              When perusing job postings in the accounting field, take note of commonly used action verbs in the job duties section to use as job-related keywords in your cover letter. Common job duties for accounting professionals include the ability to reconcile various accounting reports, such as cash reports, checking accounts, accounts payable ledgers and accounts receivable ledgers. Other actions or duties you might need to perform include those in the list below:

              Calculate: Make sure to note your ability as an accountant to calculate complex figures for clients.

              Analyze: An accountant must be able to analyze and comprehend tax records and other financial statements.

              Input: As mundane as it may sound, being able to accurately input data into documents is a critical skill for an accountant.

              Audit: You must be able to audit financial records, and provide informed opinions and plans based on such.

              Report: It’s critical for accountants to facilitate and ensure accurate financial reporting for their clients.

              Importance of Using Accountant Job-related Keywords

              The importance of recognizing these action verbs comes into play when you realize many companies filter cover letters and resumes through an applicant tracking system (ATS), especially companies that receive a large number of resumes. Predicting the keywords these programs look for helps you create a successful accounting cover letter that makes it to the desk of a hiring manager.

              Transform a generic accounting cover letter sample by optimizing it to get past ATS algorithms with keywords you’ve identified from the job posting. Personalize your cover letter to the job ad by matching these keywords to your actual work experience. For example, if your previous experience taught you to analyze various accounting records, highlight this experience with appropriate keywords. Take a job posting for an accounting clerk with budgets, auditing, records reconciliation and QuickBooks experience, and create a customized statement like:

              “As an accounting clerk with XYZ Company, I analyzed financial data to prepare monthly budgets for each department and then audited their finance records to reconcile their expense reports. I inputted this data into QuickBooks for reference in altering the next month’s budgets.”

              Build a Cover Letter

              Match Your Accountant Cover Letter to A Resume

              Transform an accounting cover letter sample into a personalized document that strengthens the details in your resume. If your resume includes a bulleted list of accounting software you’ve mastered but the job requires a specific type of software, highlight how you’ve used this software in a previous position in your cover letter. Turn the details of your resume into a story that grabs the attention of the reader.


              Additional Accounting Cover Letters

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