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Employment for bank tellers is expected to fall 12 percent by 2028 due to digital automation, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. A custom cover letter is one of the most important ways to set yourself apart from the competition. Learn how to organize your skills and experiences in a well-designed cover letter that gets you noticed.

Start your cover letter with a selection from Hloom’s library of bank teller cover letter samples. Each letter is professionally written and customizable, so you can create your own cover letter that helps you get one step closer to the job of your dreams.

Sections of a Bank Teller Cover Letter

The most common sections you’ll see on a cover letter include:

Cover Letter Sections

The heading provides hiring managers with your contact information should they want to call you in for an interview. Include your name, phone number and a professional-looking email address. For the above example, a professional email address for George might look something like:



    Keep the greeting short and simple, but make sure it’s personalized. As you see in the cover letter example above, it was addressed to the branch manager, Mr. Simmons, specifically. It’s always best to do research and get the name of the hiring manager if possible. If this is not possible, use “Dear Hiring Manager.”



      Introduce yourself and explain why you’re looking for a position as a bank teller. Do your research on the bank in question and make the argument as to why you’re a great fit. As George does in his example, frame your candidacy in terms of the value you will add to the bank.



        This section is where you go into detail about your personal banking or financial experience. Note above how the candidate showcases his skills in cash-handling, communication and compassion. Provide a few details of previous bank teller experience and the jobs you performed, paying special attention to any cash-handling duties or customer-facing experience you have. Notice how George handles this by quoting numetrics as to the amount of cash he handled with zero error.



          Close your letter on a high note by thanking the reader for their time, and express an interest in further communication in the immediate future as George does.



            End your letter with a classic “Sincerely” or “Best regards” and sign your name. If you’re emailing the employer, simply type your name or use an electronic signature.



              Make Your Cover Letter Stand Out

              Build your cover letter with action verbs that show you took the time to try to capture the interest of the reader. Words that pertain to the job of bank teller, like those in the list below, make for easy skim-reading and have more of an impact over sentences that begin with “I have” or “I did.” Action verbs are also referred to as power words and demonstrate your written communication skills. They add direction and persuasiveness to your cover letter.

              Use keywords to your advantage by reading through the job description and pulling out keywords and phrases that are unique to the position. Incorporate these words into your cover letter and when writing your resume. For a bank teller, quantify a typical work day in your cover letter using keywords and action verbs. For example:

              Process : As a bank teller, you’ll process customer transactions and other requests every day.

              Balance : You’ll need to have basic math skills with which to balance cash drawers, night deposits, and more.

              Allocate: Funds will need to be allocated from some accounts to others, usually by customer request.

              Maintain: Bank tellers must assist in maintaining the security of vaults and safes.

              Importance of Using Bank Teller Job-related Keywords

              With the increasing use of applicant tracking systems (ATS), customizing your cover and resume for every job application is a must. An ATS lets companies manage their hiring and recruiting process by storing and scanning resumes for specific keywords related to the job posting. The program ranks applicants by weeding out unqualified applicants — approximately 50 percent or more of those who apply.

              To know which keywords to include in your cover letter, do a close study of the language used in the job posting. Echo back any of the key phrases that are applicable to you. For a bank teller, a keyword rich cover letter sample blurb might look something like:

              “Processed over $30,000 in transactions per day. Maintained efficiency while giving bank clients the best in customer service.”

              Build a Cover Letter

              Match Your Bank Teller Cover Letter to a Resume

              A bank teller cover letter is most effective when it coordinates with your resume. Alone, a resume can feel generic, but a custom cover letter helps flesh out your key skills and accomplishments to convince a hiring manager you are right for the job. Elaborate on any professional training or college classes, and use the opportunity to mention any banking software programs you are familiar with.

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