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Due to automation, bookkeeping jobs are expected to decline 4 percent by 2028 according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. With less jobs available, it’s important to stand out above the competition. When you use a bookkeeper cover letter example to st, it's easy to write a letter that helps you land an interview. Our collection of cover letter samples will help guide you.

Sections of a Bookkeeper Cover Letter

The most common sections you’ll see on a cover letter include:

Cover Letter Sections

Create a header for your bookkeeper cover letter that includes your personal contact information, the date and the employer's mailing address. It’s important your information is correct, otherwise employers will be unable to reach you. It’s also important that you use a professional email address, meaning it shouldn’t have any jokes or nicknames in it. For example, in the above example a good email for David might be



    Begin your greeting with a title such as Mr. or Ms. and the hiring manager's last name. As you see in the above example where the letter is addressed to Mr. Law, it’s best practice to address the cover letter specifically to the hiring manager. Do some research to find out their name, call if you have to. However, if you cannot uncover a specific name, it’s ok to address the letter “To Whom This May Concern” or “Dear Hiring Manager.”



      Use this section to introduce yourself and express your interest in the available bookkeeper position. Then, make your strongest case argument for the assets you will bring to the company. Just as in the above example, start with your best foot forward. Notice above how David makes his biggest selling point his progress-focused approach.



        Keep the body of your letter concise, getting ideas from our cover letter samples about how to include necessary information. If you're a certified bookkeeper, and you hold a Certified Public Bookkeeper (CPB) license, then mention that in this section. As David does in the above example, his mention of the fact that his bookkeeping skills saved recovered thousands of dollars in overcharges and shortened the month-end book close processes by two days. Those kinds of tangible anecdotes resonate with employers.



          Thank the hiring manager for their time in reviewing your application materials and invite them to contact you via phone or email for an interview as the above example does when saying, “I would greatly appreciate the chance to speak with you regarding my candidacy.”



            Type your name and phone number if you're submitting materials electronically, or provide a handwritten signature if sending a packet through the mail.



              Make Your Cover Letter Stand Out

              When you include phrases and keywords relevant to bookkeeping in your cover letter and resume, you can help ensure it gets noticed by human resources. Some action verbs you might want to consider include:

              Process: This is relevant to your ability to process accounts payable and receivable.

              Pay: Paying can refer to receiving, approving and declining invoices.

              Analyze: Speaks to your skills with analyzing financial information.

              Submit: Submitting pertains to collections, statements and reconciliations.

              Balance: Refers to your ability to balance the general ledger.

              Importance of Using Bookkeeper Job-related Keywords

              Many larger companies and offices make use of applicant tracking systems (ATS) to streamline the process of finding the right candidate by scanning your resume and cover letter for desired keywords. In some cases, these systems filter out as many as 50 percent of applicants before human eyes ever see them.

              When you include some of the action verbs listed above along with some of the keywords you see from the job posting in your bookkeeper cover letter example, you can help boost your chances of making it through the ATS and earning a callback interview. An example of incorporating keywords might look something like this:

              “Balanced the company budget while overseeing all payments and processes. Analyzed financial data to devise solutions for decreasing spending and making business more profitable.”

              Build a Cover Letter

              Match Your Bookkeeper Cover Letter to a Resume

              When you create your cover letter using a bookkeeper cover letter sample to assist you, you can help strengthen the content already contained in your resume and help present yourself as the ideal candidate to a hiring manager. Think of your resume as the CliffsNotes and your cover letter is the full story, the part that contains the art of storytelling. These documents should compliment one another, but your cover letter should bring to life the resume.


              Additional Bookkeeper Cover Letters

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