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Manage your next opportunity for a coveted administrative position with a well-written cover letter. With a national salary average of $56,337 and projected job growth of 7 percent from now to 2028, you'll need a competitive edge in the job market. Answering a few questions about your clerical background can help you create a great cover letter with our brand new builder.

What Is an Administrative Role?

Administrative jobs run the gamut from entry-level receptionist to executive administrator. All types of communication skills are vital to a successful administrative career.

Peruse administrative cover letter examples to learn to seamlessly highlight your skills and tie them together with your resume and work experience. Always emphasize your expertise in the specific job duties listed for the position you’re seeking.


Administrative Cover Letter Samples

Additional Cover Letters

Elevate Your Cover Letter

The most common sections you’ll see on a cover letter include:

Cover Letter Sections

At the top of this administrative cover letter example, you’ll find Morgan Dominguez’s contact information in a business-like format. List your name, a professional email address and the best phone number to reach you. Adding a location is optional, but just include a general area like Mr. Dominguez. A detailed address may bias hiring managers against you due to long commute times or inherent bias.



    Follow your heading with a personalized greeting. Research the company for the department head or hiring manager who the letter should be addressed to, including their title if known. In our sample, you can see that Mr. Dominguez failed to find that information. The result is an impersonal and generic greeting that might blend in with other applicants.



      Introduce yourself and grab the potential employer’s attention by applying keywords that directly address the requests of the job posting. Set yourself apart by emphasizing what makes you the best fit. Mr. Dominguez does a great job of using active words and job-specific keywords like “decision-making proficiency,” and “industrial drive.” However, he fails to fully bring it home by offering one career example of when he uses his skills in a real-world setting, such as coordinating travel plans of an executive leadership summit with fellow assistants.



        Use the body of your letter to go into detail about your professional experience. Keep a potential employer reading by including one or two examples from your previous experience that directly match the listed job requirements. Mr. Dominguez does a good job of listing strong attributes that make an ideal executive assistant; office management skills, memory retention, maximizing performance and strong team-building by inspiring colleagues. However, he again fails to provide a professional example when he utilized those skills. The hiring manager must take him at his word, which doesn’t hold much weight during a job search when a professional relationship hasn't been established.



          End your cover letter on a strong note by reaffirming your interest in the position, thanking the reader for their time and issuing an invitation to communicate in the future. Mr. Dominguez is confident and assertive in his closing statement. He lets the hiring manager know that he’s attaching his resume and plans to reach out within a week before respectfully thanking the manager for their time. It's a short and compelling closing statement.



            Don’t ruin an otherwise impressive cover letter with sloppy proofreading efforts. Prove you’re detail-oriented by double-checking for spelling and grammar errors. Consider having someone else read it to catch anything you missed. Mr. Dominquez did a decent job of proofreading his cover letter. However, he did miss the extra space before the comma in Mandeville, NY. That typo comes near the top of the page and can send up red flags that eliminate Mr. Dominguez from the running, especially if he’s in charge of correspondence.



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