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You’re likely to be the face of a business with a hotel and resort front desk job, especially in the hospitality business. A quality cover letter in this career field should reflect your winning personality, and communication and problem-solving skills. A cover letter should demonstrate your ability to adapt to stressful and varied situations like greeting multiple vacationers, facilitating business or conference client needs, answering busy phone lines and prioritizing key projects.

Here, you’ll find everything you need to get started: a front desk cover letter sample, a breakdown of how to write a great letter, tips on keywords and a library of additional example letters.

Sections of a Hotel and Resort Front Desk Cover Letter

The most common sections you’ll see on a cover letter include:

Cover Letter Sections

The heading should highlight your familiarity with hotel protocols right at the top of the page. The choice of font should be clear, attractive and professional; Georgia and Helvetica are good choices. It should include your name and contact information.



    Set the tone starting with a professional salutation. Address your letter by name wherever possible; if it takes added research to locate the appropriate person, it’s worthwhile. This extra step helps forge a personal connection with the hiring manager and increases the odds that they’ll read your entire cover letter. Failing that, address your letter to, “Dear Hiring Manager.”



      A front desk receptionist is often a vacationer's first impression of their hotel and provides crucial customer service and communications support. Organization, problem-solving, multitasking, multilingual, check-in and computer skills are great qualities to lead with.



        Here, you’ll make the case that you’re the best applicant for this hotel role by providing specific examples of prior resort experience and environments you’ve worked in — especially as they relate to the job to which you’re applying. If you lack prior hospitality experience, talk about applicable skills acquired from other sources such as volunteering, retail, or cruise experience.



          End the letter on a polite, positive note that expresses your enthusiasm for making your case in person. Your closing should reflect the kind of even-keeled professional that a hotel requires. Thank the recipient for taking the time to read your letter.



            Use a business letter sign-off. “Sincerely” is appropriate for a personally addressed cover letter.



              Make Your Cover Letter Stand Out

              Use action words to personalize your cover letter to the job posting and highlight your particular skills. For example: “I have five years of experience in supporting large office teams in a fast-paced environment, welcoming and scheduling customers, and using well-developed multitasking skills to ensure efficiency and productivity. With advanced interpersonal and organizational skills, I excel at working with staff to build effective processes that deliver results.”

              Common action words for front desk positions include:

              Welcome: Greeting and welcoming guests, clients and the general public is a universal requirement for hotel and resort front desk positions.

              Communicate: This applies to conveying messages, responding to phone calls and providing excellent customer service.

              Multitask: The front desk must often prioritize and deal with multiple competing tasks and deadlines.

              Support: A wide variety of support for both clients and staff in the hotel or resort team can include everything from check-in and special services to recommending attractions and partnering with local businesses.

              Represent: It’s often the front desk worker who leaves a first and last impression of the hotel on their clients. You must represent the culture of your hotel or resort with your service to establish and retain customer loyalty.

              Importance of Using Hotel and Resort Front Desk Job-related Keywords

              Your application needs to stand out from the pack by making use of job-specific keywords. Most employers today use applicant tracking systems (ATS) that search resumes and cover letters for these types of keywords and eliminate around 50 percent of applicants that don’t include them. Your front desk cover letter stands a much better chance of passing through an ATS and reaching a prospective employer if you give keywords close attention. Take the following job description as an example.

              “Greet guests and complete the registration process to include, but not limited to, inputting and retrieving information from the computer, confirmation of guest information and room rate, selection of rooms, coding electronic keys, promoting marketing programs, providing a welcome packet and ensuring guest knows location of room.”

              Build a Cover Letter

              Match Your Hotel and Resort Front Desk Cover Letter to Your Resume

              Remember that your cover letter also provides an excellent opportunity to strengthen your resume by elaborating on the key details of your experience. For example, if you’ve handled high-volume, multi-line phone systems, and have those skills listed in your resume, you can talk about the average volume of calls you’ve dealt with per day in your cover letter.

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              Additional Administrative Cover Letters

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