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The legal field, especially for legal assistants, is rapidly growing according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. A professional cover letter is a must when applying to jobs in this field, but creating one that showcases your skills and experience doesn't have to be difficult. Our legal assistant cover letter sample demonstrates how to best highlight your research, organizational, legal prep, and witness prep skills. Use it as a drafting guide while you craft your own job-winning cover letter.

Sections of a Legal Assistant Cover Letter

The most common sections you’ll see on a cover letter include:

Cover Letter Sections

In the top margin of the page, type your name, phone number and a professional email address so the reviewer has easy access to your information.



    Address your cover letter to the person who makes the hiring decision, which could be the office manager or the lead attorney, if it's a small practice.



      Indicate why you want the legal assistant position, and give a two-to-three sentence summary of why you're a good fit for the position. We recommend that you detail a significant career accomplishment, like your increased involvement in a major case or your completion of a competitive paralegal education program.



        You'll want to tailor this section based on what's listed in the legal assistant job description, but this is where you can provide examples of specific experience, such as family or estate law, or the kinds of legal documents you've drafted in previous positions.



          End your letter by expressing both thanks for the person's time and your availability for an interview.



            For a legal assistant cover letter, formal is better, so include a "Sincerely" and your full name as the signature.



              Make your cover letter stand out

              To help get your resume and cover letter past an applicant tracking system (ATS), you can use the job description and your overall knowledge of the industry to anticipate common keywords and phrases. You may want to let prospective employers know that you have experience in completing formal information requests, drafting legal documents, assisting attorneys with client interviews and paperwork, researching code, and corresponding with clients and other law firms. Some frequently used examples are included below.

              Complete:Tell how quickly you might complete any assignment you’ve received.

              Draft: Show that you can easily draft any legal document.

              Assist:ndicate that you can generally assist with whatever is asked of you, even if it’s a new type of task.

              Research:Communicate your history of performing legal research by using the term as an action verb.

              Correspond: You should be able to quickly and clearly correspond with anyone the office needs to contact.

              You can implement these key terms as action verbs as you provide specific examples of your education and experience. For instance, if you’re applying for a legal assistant position at a family law firm, you may include something like:

              “As a legal assistant for XYZ law firm, I assisted with client interviews and background research and was responsible for drafting mediation agreements and researching legal precedent for complex child custody cases.”

              Importance of Using Legal Assistant Job-related Keywords

              The legal field is growing and so is the demand for legal assistants. While this is good news for those searching for legal assistant jobs, it can also create some difficulty when it comes to getting your application to stand out. To help pare down the applications they receive, many legal firms use applicant tracking systems (ATS) to weed out candidates who don’t have the exact skill sets they’re looking for.

              These programs search resumes and cover letters for predetermined keywords, and if you don’t have those in your cover letter, your application may not make it to a real human no matter how much experience you have. You can get around these programs by reviewing the job description closely. Do you see any repeated phrases that are emphasized in bold or italics, or anything listed under required duties or a similar title? Finding and repeating those terms and phrases on your resume is your best bet to getting past the ATS and speaking to a hiring manager.

              Build a Cover Letter

              Match Your Legal Assistant Cover Letter to Your Resume

              Your resume is a crucial part of the application process and provides the reviewer with an easy-to-skim bullet list of your education, experience and skill set. But, without the cover letter, it can leave the reviewer with a less-than-complete picture of you as a candidate.

              Your resume is the quick rundown of your professional and academic experience, and the cover letter elaborates on those skills with real-world examples. You don’t want to bring up a subject in your cover letter if it’s not covered on your resume. Using a legal assistant cover letter sample and personalizing it to match your resume can help you stand out from the other applicants and increase your chances of securing an interview.

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