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Determining how to stand out against rival applicants for an office assistant position is tricky, especially since responsibilities can vary depending on a business’s established office procedures. Our cover letter sample breaks down each section with advice on how to best impress the office manager.

We’ll also give you advice on how to personalize your cover letter for each application, how to best highlight calendaring, bookkeeping and general office management skills, and how to use our cover letter toolkit to make an excellent first impression.

Sections of an office assistant cover letter

The most common sections you’ll see on a cover letter include:

Cover Letter Sections

List your personal contact information, including a business-professional email address, the date you’re writing the letter and a phone number.



    This should be left-aligned and personalized to address the hiring manager or office manager. Search the job description or company website for this information.



      Introduce yourself and express your interest in the office assistant position. Establish a personal connection to the role through an emotional connection to the company, or use an administrative accomplishment that aligns with the job’s requirements to indicate why you’re the ideal candidate.



        This is the longest section of your cover letter. For an office assistant position, include any applicable software skills you may have. Write short, concise sentences that reflect the job description, and explain how your skills fit the employer’s needs.



          Use this opportunity to summarize how your previous office management or organizational experience makes you perfect for the role. The last sentence of your letter should thank the hiring manager and invite her to contact you for an interview. Provide set times — it removes a task from their list, showcases your scheduling abilities and indicates that you value their time.



            Sign your name by hand if submitting materials in the mail, or type your name and phone number if sending your office assistant documents electronically.



              Make your cover letter stand out

              Include action verbs found in the job posting to help your cover letter stand out from other applicants. Here are some commonly used office assistant action verbs:

              Answer:Answering phone calls, emails and all other forms of communication are an absolute must to include in your cover letter.

              File:Filing documents accurately and in a streamlined system are important to mention to the hiring manager.

              Multitask:Many office assistant positions require multitasking skills — answering emails, phone calls and maintaining data entry responsibilities, for instance.

              Organize:Demonstrate that you organized office supplies, files, invoices and more.

              Use:This can refer to your competency using computer technology and software, including MS Office.

              Importance of using office assistant job-related keywords

              When you write your letter using an office assistant cover letter sample, make sure to start with some of the action verbs listed above. Include additional job-related keywords and phrases that you find within the job posting. Common job-related keywords include the following, but you can identify unique keywords by looking for repeated job responsibilities in the job posting.

              A statement like "Experienced office assistant with over ten years of scheduling experience has helped managers reduce reductive meetings by over 75%, contributing to an increase in productivity," sounds much better than "Experienced office assistant with matching experience is the perfect fit for your open position."

              Using this type of language is important primarily because of applicant tracking systems (ATS), which businesses use to filter qualified applicants from less qualified ones. An ATS scans cover letters and resumes and searches for pre-programmed words and phrases related to an office assistant job. Applicants that achieve a high score are placed in a potential callback pile, where they are reviewed by hiring managers, recruiters or HR representatives.

              Build a Cover Letter

              Match your office assistant cover letter to your resume

              Office assistant jobs are highly competitive, so it’s important to make yourself look unique from the pool of other applicants. You can do this by including some of the action verb suggestions above, using an office assistant cover letter sample, and making sure to include job-related keywords and phrases. But you should also draw inspiration from your own resume, expounding specific skills and experience listed in your cover letter. All of these strategies help bolster the content of your resume and may help your chances of securing an interview.

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