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We live in a media-saturated world and since 2011, the number of creative jobs has increased by over 30 percent according to the Creative Industries Federation. With that growth comes a greater need to make sure your cover letter makes the case for your skills in design, composition and creativity. Even freelancers in this industry often need to send a resume and cover letter to demonstrate their skills before landing a contract. Increase your interview chances by using a creative cover letter example from Hloom’s extensive collection.

What Is a Creative Role?

Creative professionals work in many different sectors and use varied media to express their talents. Hard skills in the creative industry vary based on your specific field, but professionals in the field share common soft skills like imagination, curiosity, design aptitude and innovation.

Highlight your experience and immense talent with a creative cover letter tied to your professional accomplishments, including a portfolio that illustrates how you’re perfect for the job or project in question.


Creative Industry Cover Letters Samples

Elevate Your Cover Letter

Check out these tips for writing great cover letters:

Cover Letter Sections

Follow a creative cover letter sample to produce a sleek professional format that demonstrates your proclivity as a creative individual. At the top, include your contact information: name, city and state, phone number and professional email. Make sure it’s current and correct.



    Research the company to learn who you should personally address in your greeting and demonstrate your attention to detail.



      Creative jobs are highly competitive with many talented professionals vying for positions. Apply keywords that address the specific talents or styles requested of the job applicant to capture attention in your introduction.



        Show you possess the desired creative abilities with one or two examples from your professional experience as it relates to the job requirements. Include any samples you reference in your portfolio to support your case.



          Reassert why you want the job, how you can fulfill the required needs and what portfolio materials you’ve included to show your work. Express your enthusiasm for an interview opportunity.



            Ensure your application is error-free with a reliable computer-based proofreading program, but don’t rely solely on it to catch everything. Have a trusted friend double-check for you.



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