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The demand for graphic designers is expected to grow 3 percent by 2028 according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. If you want to land a job in this growing arts profession it’s essential that you have a cover letter that highlights your skills in computers, design and composition to give you an edge on the competition. Check out Hloom’s free graphic design cover letter examples to find inspiration and use our cover letter tips to create your own that will help you impress a hiring manager and land the job.

Sections of a Graphic Design Cover Letter

The most common sections you’ll see on a cover letter include:

Cover Letter Sections

The heading in a graphic design cover letter sample contains space for your contact information including your name, city/state location, phone number and a professional email address. By professional email address, that means one that is based on your legal name and not one reflecting a nickname or hobby.



    Research the company before applying to learn more about it and who should be addressed in the greeting of your graphic design cover letter. This personalized touch will demonstrate your enthusiasm for the job. In the example letter, you can see that Kim did that legwork when she addresses the letter to Mrs. Sarah Brockwell.



      Grab the reader’s attention, by briefly outlining your previous experience in graphic design and how the skills you’ve mastered are transferable to any industry and various marketing endeavors. Notice in Kim’s example how she makes that case that her skillset is aligned with the needs of the company.



        Expound your qualifications with a paragraph or bullet list detailing the skills you have that match the job posting requirements. Highlight graphic design software, such as Adobe Illustrator, that you know is preferred by the potential employer. As Kim does in the example, tell a little bit about how your work added value to the previous company to give a sense of what you’ll be bringing to the new one.



          Confirm your desire to perform this job with an enthusiastic closing and polite request for further action, such as consideration for an interview. Take note of how Kim mentions that she hopes to hear back at the earliest convenience of the hiring manager. Mention whether you’re including a copy of your portfolio, and thank the reader for their time.



            Sign off using a formal letter ending like “Sincerely” or “Best regards” and write your name.



              Make Your Cover Letter Stand Out

              Graphic designers require a high level of creativity to succeed, and you’ll likely face stiff competition with equally talented designers. Ensure your cover letter stands out by including action verbs used in the job description. Common action verbs for graphic designers are included below:

              Format: Demonstrate the ability to format high-quality graphic presentations using a variety of software.

              Design: Highlight your ability to design based on a client or employer’s specifications.

              Create: Show that you can create new visual or thematic concepts as a graphic designer.

              Illustrate: Make sure to note your illustration skills, whether that’s freehand, digital or both.

              Update: Give details of when you’ve updated designs to meet the needs of a creative director.

              Importance of Using Graphic Design Job-related Keywords

              To identify qualified candidates faster, hiring managers use applicant tracking systems (ATS) to scan resumes and cover letters for a set of keywords tied to the job duties of the position advertised. Help your application make the cut by including the right keywords.

              Consider a job posting looking for a graphic designer with previous experience using Adobe Illustrator who can create and execute new design concepts that illustrate and support the overall vision and branding of the company, then tailor a statement, such as:

              “As a graphic designer and an Adobe Illustrator Certified Expert, I created new design concepts for XYZ Company that illustrated the overall vision of the company by incorporating the brand’s image in a variety of print and online materials.”

              Build a Cover Letter

              Match Your Graphic Design Cover Letter to a Resume

              Reinforce your resume by revamping a graphic design cover letter example with job-specific experience and skills. Think of your resume as the bare-bones sketch and the cover letter as the resulting painting. For example, if your resume includes a bullet list of print publications you’ve created, but a requirement for the new job is to update product campaign materials, highlight your experience revising product line graphics in your cover letter.

              Graphic Designer

              Additional Creative Industry Cover Letters

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