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Call center agents have the difficult task of connecting with customers without the subtle aid of body language and nonverbal communication. The most successful call agents have confidence, determination and strong communications skills to make up for the lack of in-person contact. To increase your chances of landing a call center interview, you need a cover letter that showcases your customer service experience and highlights your most relevant strengths.

We give you an entry-level cover letter sample that shows you how to get a new job with a customer service call center. You can use the sample and accompanying writing and keyword optimization tips to craft your interview-winning letter.

Sections of a Customer Service Call Center Agent Cover Letter

The most common sections you’ll see on a cover letter include:

Cover Letter Sections

As this cover letter example shows, this section includes your name and contact information. It tells call center hiring managers how to get in touch with you for an interview. If you held any leadership roles in the past, feel free to add the title after your name, as seen in our hiring manager example: Ivan Douglas, Call Center Supervisor.

Pro tip: You should only do this if you’re applying for a leadership role with a call center. If you add a title while applying for an entry-level role, you’ll be dismissed as too experienced.



    If you can, find out the name of the call center hiring manager and address your letter to them. This shows you attend to details, which is an important part of customer service. You can normally find this information by scanning the job listing for a contact name, visiting the company’s website and looking for the regional manager, office manager or general hiring manager, or calling the branch you’re applying to and politely asking.

    As you can see from our sample cover letter, Clifford Larsen identified the hiring manager as Ivan Douglass and wrote him a personalized greeting. Seeing their correct name instead of a generic greeting like “Dear Hiring Manager,” or “To Whom it May Concern,” might make them take more notice of your letter.



      State the position you’re applying for and include a brief summary of your most relevant skills or experience at previous customer service jobs. As you can see in our sample, our applicant has experience in product knowledge and data entry. This indicates that he can remember product benefits and steer a sales call in a productive direction, while his data entry experience means he can rapidly and correctly input the customer’s information as they speak. The only additional note we can offer is to clarify these points in your letter. Our applicant simply states this without explaining how product knowledge and data entry is a strength — you can make your letter stronger by doing that with your skills set.



        As shown on the cover letter example, the body is where you can expand on resume details. This section can be used to talk about real-world examples of your customer service experience at other call centers. In our sample, the applicant builds on his previously mentioned technical skills of product knowledge and data entry by reinforcing his customer service and communication skills.

        He highlights his track record in resolving customer complaints, which means that he has strong listening skills and helped his upset customer find a satisfying solution for their problems. By explaining your skills, like conflict resolution, with an actual solution, like how you helped your customer with their complaint, you demonstrate understanding of the job.



          Reiterate your interest in the customer service position and thank the call center hiring manager for their time. Demonstrate confidence and initiative by expressing that you look forward to speaking with them soon.



            Conclude your cover letter with a polite closing, such as “Sincerely” or “Thank You.” Include your name underneath, either typed and/or in your signature script.



              Make Your Cover Letter Stand Out

              Turn to the customer service call center agent cover letter example for strategies that can make your cover letter stand out from other applicants, such as including action verbs related to your skills and experience. In a customer service representative position at a call center, it’s important to possess a professional, friendly and helpful demeanor. It may be necessary to perform multiple tasks at once. Some keywords to consider for your cover letter might include:

              Greet: Being able to deliver an effective and pleasant greeting is one of the most important skills for this role, as it’ll be part of working with every customer.

              Assist: Give examples of when you’ve assisted customers in the past, as this is the core responsibility of this job.

              Resolve: Customer service workers’ ultimate goal should be to resolve whatever negative issues customers are experiencing.

              Multitask: As calls will likely always be incoming, showcasing multitasking skills will help you to both get hired and enjoy your job.

              Dispatch: In this type of role you might dispatch a replacement product to a customer, or dispatch whatever unwanted issues they’re experiencing.

              Importance of Using Customer Service Call Center Agent Job-related Keywords

              Hiring managers at call centers often scan for relevant words and phrases in an attempt to target the best candidates. Some companies automate this process by using an applicant tracking system (ATS). These software programs scan resumes and cover letters for appropriate keywords to save hiring managers time and effort. While these systems can make narrowing down the applicant pool easier, they can also weed out as many as 50 percent of potential candidates.

              Also review the customer service call center agent cover letter example for other ways to make your document stand out, such as including examples of job performance. For example, if you kept your call times under a certain duration or maintained a certain number of calls per day, talk about it. Perhaps you resolved an issue with an unhappy customer or talked a customer through a troubleshooting issue. If so, make sure to discuss it in the body of your letter. See the following for a good example of how to quantify your abilities.

              Poor: “I increased my call volume and positive feedback last year.”

              Good: “I was able to reduce call times by an average of 2.5 minutes per call by implementing a new way to phrase product benefits, which allowed me to speak with an additional 18 people a day and increase successful outcomes by 17 percent in six months.”

              Build a Cover Letter

              Match Your Customer Service Call Center Agent Cover Letter to a Resume

              Check out the cover letter sample to see how it can reinforce your resume. Details on your resume such as education and previous call center jobs can be expanded upon in the body of your customer service agent cover letter.

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