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Know how to handle conflict-resolution? You could be ideal for a position as a customer service representative. However, you’ll need an exceptionally strong cover letter: The career field is currently experiencing a job decline, which could increase competition for the remaining roles.

Fortunately, we’re here to help. We partnered with certified resume writers to craft a cover letter sample as a guiding tool for you. Additionally, we pulled together a competitive list of keywords and action phrases that can pass applicant tracking systems (ATS) and impress hiring managers. You can use our advice to write a cover letter from scratch, or use this guide alongside our builder to customize a professional template.

Sections of a Customer Service Representative Cover Letter

The most common sections you’ll see on a cover letter include:

Cover Letter Sections

Make it easy for managers to contact you with an appropriate heading to your customer service representative cover letter. This should include your name, phone number and a professional email address. Keep this section simple and businesslike.

Our sample applicant, Heath Clark, adds special font treatment to his name and places his phone and email in a contrasting color to draw attention to it. It’s a clever way to break up your cover letter and make your contact information easy to find.



    Look up the company before you write this part and try to personalize it as much as possible. Find out who the proper contact is and address this person in your cover letter. For example, for retail customer service jobs, this may be the store manager.

    As you can see in our sample, Heath Clark uses a personalized greeting to address Ms. Amanda Saunders. This helps forge a personal connection with the hiring manager, but it also indicates that Mr. Clark took the time to research the store and management. That kind of initiative is appreciated in a customer service environment, where personalization can make the difference between a missed sale.



      Start by showing the employer that you understand the job posting and are a good fit for it. Mention relevant customer service representative skills or experience, such as good phone skills for a call center position. Keep it simple.

      Mr. Clark introduces himself by sharing his top three skills, openly admits that he’s looking for a new role with additional responsibilities, and then shares that his skills could make him a valuable addition to a new team.



        Describe similar work experience you’ve had and relate that back to the open position. Format it into short paragraphs or consider a bullet list, as seen in some customer service representative cover letter examples, to help catch the hiring manager's eye among a large number of applicants.

        Mr. Clark solidifies his experience with quantifiable numbers. Not only was he able to help a large number of customers, he was able to help 20 customers per hour. He noted how many clients he was able to successfully upsell. His close attention to detail coupled with his strong customer service and sales skills will likely mark him as a desirable candidate for a job opening. You’ll want to analyze your professional achievements in a similar manner to win your next customer service representative role.



          Reiterate your interest in the job during this section and tell the hiring manager the best way to contact you. Be sure to mention if you’ve attached a resume or application or if you’ve submitted a separate application online.



            End with a professional sign-off, such as “Gratefully” or “Respectfully.” Type out your full name and email address or phone number again.



              Make Your Cover Letter Stand Out

              The language you choose in your cover letter can make a big difference, so try to tailor your word choices to each listing. Consider using verbs which suggest you’ll keep customers happy, and words that show you know how to get to the root of a customer’s problem. Be sure to mention at least a handful of the following action verbs:

              Retain: A primary goal for anyone in customer service should be to retain customers and their business, despite any issues or complaints.

              Develop: A top-tier customer service representative should be adept at developing relationships with their customer base.

              Determine: Be able to quickly determine the issue being experienced by the customer, as well as the solution to said problem.

              Communicate: As conversation is the main pillar of this type of role, communication skills should virtually always be mentioned on any customer service representative cover letter or resume.

              Demonstrate: You might demonstrate your ability to work as part of a team. This is a particularly versatile action verb for a customer service representative cover letter.

              The Importance of Using Customer Service Representative Job-Related Keywords

              This is particularly important for online applications, as around 40 percent of companies now use applicant tracking systems (ATS). This software automatically scans cover letters and resumes for keywords that relate to the job and rule out applicants who don’t match. Some older ATS programs even require direct matches, so don’t be afraid to use language directly from the job posting in your customer service representative cover letter sample.

              Try to use your actual experience as examples. If the job description talks about determining customer needs, consider saying something like, “My experience working at a restaurant has taught me to quickly determine customer needs and preferences in a fast-paced environment. I was able to communicate those needs to the kitchen staff to ensure we provided a positive experience for each guest.”

              Don’t be afraid to get a little creative, especially if most of your work experience is in a different area. If you’re applying for a phone-based customer service job, you may want to emphasize that you took customer calls at a previous retail position, even if that wasn’t a major portion of your job. Just be sure to keep things realistic and don’t exaggerate.

              Build a Cover Letter

              Match Your Customer Service Representative Cover Letter to a Resume

              Your customer service representative cover letter sample is the perfect place to elaborate on your resume. If you won an employee of the month award or other professional recognition of your customer service skills, emphasize that in your cover letter.

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