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With a surge in all-natural skin care, growing interest in the market and a projected job growth of 11 percent, it’s the best time to find a new job as an esthetician or skin care specialist. To stand out among other qualified applicants when applying for these coveted esthetician jobs, you need a high-quality cover letter. We make it easy by crafting a cover letter sample for you and providing step-by-step advice on how to customize each section to match your experience.

In addition to the sample, we scoured job postings and descriptions to create a list of keywords and action verbs that can help elevate your letter and increase your odds of finding a fantastic role at day spas and salons. Discover how to write a cover letter that makes your resume more effective.

Sections of an Esthetician Cover Letter

The most common sections you’ll see on a cover letter include:

Cover Letter Sections

Start your cover letter with a professional heading. As you can see with our sample cover letter, using a larger font for your name grabs the attention of day spa managers. The inclusion of your telephone number and email address tells them how to reach you.

Pro tip: Match your cover letter heading to your resume. It creates a cohesive and appealing look that can impress managers. Our new cover letter builder features matching templates in case you need a leg up in creating those headers.



    If possible, find out the name of the spa owner or manager who conducts interviews and address your greeting to them. Doing so demonstrates that you’re courteous and show attention to detail, which is important when in an esthetician job.

    How to find this information varies with the size of the company. If it’s a small or independent spa like the one our applicant applied to, you can find that information by looking at their website, social media pages, or calling and asking. If you’re applying at a larger company or chain brand, you can call the local branch and ask for the name of the branch or regional manager.



      Review the esthetician cover letter sample to see an example of the introduction. In this section, state the spa or salon esthetician position to which you’re applying. You can also include a short sentence highlighting why you’re a good choice.

      Our sample applicant does just that. In her first sentence, she lets the hiring manager know that she’s professionally licensed and has six years of experience. She immediately follows this by sharing her customer-first approach to business. This makes her seem like a strong candidate and encourages a hiring manager to continue reading.



        Review the esthetician cover letter example to see how the body is usually written. This is the section where you can elaborate on important resume details, such as your education and previous experience at salons and spas.

        As you can see, Ms. Reynolds highlights her technical skills in skin tightening, waxing and detox body wrapping along with her soft skills in communication and product knowledge with quantifiable numbers that show how she can upsell her clients and provide an uptick in business for her employers. You need to take a similar approach — list your skills, but provide an example that shows employers how valuable an employee you can be.



          In the closing, restate your interest in the esthetician job, thank the spa hiring manager for their consideration and provide an additional reason to hire you. For example, Ms. Reynolds states that 80 percent of her client base moved with her when she changed locations, which means that she could bring valuable business with her if the spa owner decided to hire her. Include that you look forward to speaking with them soon regarding the position.



            As the esthetician cover letter example shows, the signature of your letter includes a closing such as “Sincerely” or “Thank You.” Underneath that, you’ll need to include your name followed by any professional titles you may have.



              Make Your Cover Letter Stand Out

              Ensure your cover letter gets noticed by salon owners and spa hiring managers by including action words that employers often scan for. Some establishments receive lots of resumes and cover letters from talented esthetician applicants, and one way they narrow down the pool is by looking for action verbs that demonstrate the right skills and experience. Examples of relevant, attention-getting action verbs might include:

              Perform: In your cover letter, make sure to list every treatment relevant to the position that you can perform.

              Explain: One underappreciated skill is being able to accurately and coherently explain each service that an esthetician can provide.

              Administer: Make it known that you know how to correctly and safely administer every service offered at a spa or salon.

              Recommend: Communicate that you can recommend and upsell services to clients.

              Train: If you’re experienced enough and the position calls for it, always let the employer know if you have experience as a trainer or the capacity to train less experienced estheticians.

              Importance of Using Esthetician Job-related Keywords

              Some salons and day spas may use applicant tracking systems (ATS) to eliminate candidates whose cover letters aren’t up to par. These systems help cut down on the time it takes employers to review applicant documents by automatically scanning for desirable words and phrases. However, an ATS may also reduce the applicant pool by as much as half. This means that, sometimes, even well-qualified candidates are skipped over because their cover letters didn’t feature the right keywords.

              Another strategy that you can use to elevate your esthetician cover letter is to include examples of previous job performance. This may include something like upselling skin care products to clients for them to use at home or introducing a new type of facial.

              Take our esthetician cover letter sample as inspiration. Ms. Reynolds states that she was “able to sell an average of $4,500 worth of products and services per week.” Providing an in-depth example like this indicates that you pay attention to contributions, care about clients, and want to provide the best services while contributing to your employer.

              Build a Cover Letter

              Match Your Esthetician Cover Letter to a Resume

              As you’ll see on the esthetician cover letter example, you can elaborate on resume details in the body of your document. Resume entries are brief — use your cover letter to expand on them and explain why you’re a great choice for the salon or day spa to which you’re applying.


              Additional Customer Service Cover Letters

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