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Flight attendants are the most visible part of an airline’s staff and the most essential part of the inflight experience. With an increased interest in travel, this career is growing faster than the national average. Using a flight attendant cover letter sample helps you explain why you are qualified for the position and what skills you can bring to the table.

If you’re ready to explore and visit exotic locales, you can use our sample flight attendant cover letter as a general outline to help you start your cover letter. We’ll help give you a leg up by sharing some insider keywords and writing tips on how to pass applicant tracking systems (ATS) and impress hiring managers.

Sections of a Flight Attendant Cover Letter

The most common sections you’ll see on a cover letter include:

Cover Letter Sections

Add contact information at the top of the flight attendant cover letter example. Include your name, credentials, email address and phone number.



    Use a formal greeting with a name and title, if available, or personalize it with a title such as, “Dear Flight Attendant Hiring Manager.”



      Start by clearly and concisely stating what position you’re applying for and why. State why you believe you’re an excellent fit, and transition into the body of your letter. For example, our sample applicant was applying for an open role at our fictionally revived Virgin America (we were huge fans.)

      Michelle Graham immediately lets the hiring manager know that she has over eight years of experience and has serviced both domestic and international flights, which indicates that she has experience with both short-haul and long-haul flights and complaints. After all, a 16-hour flight conjures different needs and experiences than a quick two-hour flight.



        You need to add examples and proof that build up the experience you previously mentioned in the introduction. Write about your training and certification and what qualifies you for the job. Flight attendants come from diverse backgrounds and bring many useful skills, from languages to social work, to the position.

        Ms. Graham clearly does this by sharing her hospitality, food and beverage service by stating that she regularly served “100-300 customers per flight.” She strengthens her customer service skills by sharing how she encouraged upgrade options and saw a “20 percent increase in passengers” upgrading their seats. This shows that she is able to successfully handle large numbers of passengers and easily interact and upsell a large number of them. These skills make her a financially appealing option to hiring managers.



          Finish your letter by letting the hiring manager know that they can find everything they need in enclosed attachments like your resume. The only additional tip we can provide is give the hiring manager a general window of when to reach you. Along with thanking them for their time, let them know which hours and days are best to contact you. It might remove a step in trying to coordinate a phone or in-person interview.



            Close formally with “Sincerely” or “Regards” followed by your name as written in the heading. If you have related professional credentials, such as an MSW, list those on the following line.



              Make Your Cover Letter Stand Out

              Your flight attendant cover letter should outline your skills and job experience. Some of these may be from related coursework and certifications, but experience that shows leadership, problem-solving and an in flight background can help. If you’ve worked as an executive secretary, hotel concierge, nurse, server or other service-industry role, or speak several languages, make sure you include that in the body of your cover letter.

              Personalize your flight attendant cover letter example by sharing a success story that illustrates key attributes airlines are looking for. Maybe you volunteered as a nurse at a first-aid tent and treated patients while managing crowds. It may read as especially impressive to a hiring manager if you include relevant action words like these in the text:

              Serve: Highlight any serving experience from your resume. Taking orders and delivering food and drinks are central parts of these roles.

              Manage: Show off your experience managing multiple responsibilities or other employees.

              Resolve: If you have any experience resolving conflicts in customer service settings, that will translate well to your flight attendant cover letter.

              Cure: Make it known that if you’re trained to provide first-aid care, you can do so.

              Understand: Especially if it’s asked for in the job ad, communicate your understanding of things like airplane safety, or anything else relevant or requested.

              Importance of Using Flight Attendant Job-related Keywords

              A cover letter rich in keywords and action verbs is essential for flight attendant applications. The hiring manager will have a clearer idea of who you are and ATS (applicant tracking system) software will see the right skills and credentials to approve your application. ATS looks for keywords and text to determine applicant quality, and it also screens for job requirements. This process can reduce the resume pile on a hiring manager’s desk by 50 percent. Our flight attendant cover letter sample is ready for your personal keywords and ATS-ready text.

              Your cover letter can also be keyword ready. We suggest that you reread the job posting for repeated duties or responsibilities, highlighted tasks, text emphasized in bold or italics, anything listed under Essential Duties and similar responsibilities that are slightly rephrased.

              If you see anything that is repeated or highlighted, it’s an indication that those tasks are important to the hiring managers. Focus on your professional experience in these tasks, but only if you actually have it. For example, let’s look at a job posting that requires applicants to “display exceptional interpersonal skills, exercise good judgment, resolve conflicts with grace, speak a minimum of two languages, preferably English and Portuguese.” You could write something like, “In my last five years as a trained flight attendant, I developed strong interpersonal skills that allowed me to positively engage with me fellow flight crew and passengers. My strong personal skills enabled me to gracefully resolve conflicts with a 78 percent success rate and reduce customer complaints by 58 percent.”

              Build a Cover Letter

              Match Your Flight Attendant Cover Letter to a Resume

              Your flight attendant cover letter draws together your strengths in a personalized way. Your articulated story in the cover letter makes your cover letter a great lead-in to your resume. Rather than simply list your skills like your resume does, it can help you show your experience and enthusiasm in a meaningful way. By the time someone reads your resume, they may already be looking forward to meeting you.

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