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The average preschool teacher assistant makes $24,588 according to Glassdoor. If you want to get your foot in the door to the world of early childhood education, you’re going to need a cover letter that showcases your skills in activity planning, engagement and nurturing. Use a preschool teacher assistant cover letter example from Hloom’s extensive library with our writing tips to create your own outstanding cover letter that impresses employers.

Sections of a Preschool Teacher Assistant Cover Letter

The most common sections you’ll see on a cover letter include:

Cover Letter Sections

This should include your name, city, state, phone number and professional email address. By professional email address, that means one that is a reflection of your name and not anything that makes you seem like a non-serious candidate.



    Personalize the greeting of your cover letter. Use the job posting to determine who it should be addressed to and the proper title, such as Mr., Mrs. or Ms. The person reviewing your letter for a preschool teacher assistant job is typically a childcare center director, or public or private school school administrator. It’s a good idea to call the school if need be. You can see above that Robert did his homework and addressed the letter to Virginia Castel.



      How you choose to craft your introduction is important. The introduction, like in-person meetings, will make a first impression. You can write a creative, memorable opening line or take the traditional approach and introduce yourself and express your interest in the position. Note in Robert’s example that he addresses the good fit he would make for the Primrose school.



        The body of your cover letter should be quite short and concise. Tailor the teaching accomplishments mentioned in your cover letter body to reflect the job duties and skills the employer listed in the posting. Mention any related teaching certifications, and include early childhood education credits, professional development hours or First Aid/CPR credentials. Note how Robert mentions that he worked with 30 kids in his letter. Using numbers gives a concrete sense of what your past experience was like.



          The closing is your last chance to impress the reader. Make sure your concluding sentences sum up your abilities. Then end with a short sentence that thanks the employer for their time and invites them to contact you. As Robert does, tell the employer that you would like to speak at their earliest convenience.



            The final salutation should be a straightforward professional ending, such as “Sincerely”, “Regards” or “Best.” If you’re sending your cover letter through the mail, then definitely provide your handwritten signature at the end, left-aligned, with your typed name below it. If it’s being submitted electronically, then just end with your typed name.



              Make Your Preschool Teacher Assistant Cover Letter Stand Out

              One of the best ways to make sure your preschool teacher assistant cover letter stands out is to use memorable action verbs in your document. These words and phrases help potential employers see the impact you have had in previous roles. Some examples include:

              Assist: A great choice to describe your previous job responsibilities in assisting the lead teacher.

              Engage:Demonstrates your ability to positively engage with students and parents.

              Supervise: Indicates you’ve been responsible for supervising children.

              Maintain: Usually related to maintaining a safe learning environment.

              Builds:Means that you help build positive relationships among children, with your lead teacher and with children’s families.

              Importance of Using Preschool Teacher Assistant Job-Related Keywords

              Using job-related keywords in your cover letter when applying for a competitive preschool teaching assistant job is important because of applicant tracking systems (ATS). These systems scan your cover letter and resume and look for specific words and phrases to filter out unqualified applicants.

              Job-related keywords are often found within the job posting itself. When you use highly specific and targeted keywords for preschool teacher assistant roles, you can help boost your chances of standing out in the pile of resumes being received.

              For a preschool teacher assistant, weaving in the right keywords might look something like this:

              “Assisted in creating children’s progress and development profiles. Helped foster social development and interaction between the children as well as established positive relationships with children and their parents.”

              Match Your Preschool Teacher Assistant Cover Letter to a Resume

              A preschool teacher assistant cover letter can’t shine without a great resume to pair it with. Your cover letter is meant to complement your resume. It should make the reader want to see other teaching accomplishments detailed on your resume.

              Your preschool teacher assistant cover letter should not be a simple repeat of your resume but, rather, expand on a skill or achievement. The resume provides the bare bones details of your work history, but a cover letter is your chance to add color and paint a picture of your preschool experience.

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