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The engineering industry continues to experience great growth, and positions pay around $91,000 per year on average. Your cover letter needs to emphasize your skills in calculating, assessing and problem-solving to land these high-paying jobs. We’ve got useful tools that will help you. Check out the examples below to find the perfect engineering cover letter sample, then use our expert writing tips to incorporate your own experience to create a document that helps you score your dream engineering role.

What is an Engineering Role?

Engineering roles tend to demand a balance of computer science capabilities like in-depth knowledge of programming languages, and more commonly sought traits like excellent communication and organization abilities. A strong cover letter expands upon your resume, offering specific examples of how your past work experience leaves you specially qualified for the role. Look to the engineering cover letter samples below for an idea of how to pull this off when it comes time to apply.


Engineering Cover Letters

Elevate Your Cover Letter

The most common sections you’ll see on a cover letter include:

Cover Letter Sections

In this section, the main goal is to provide your contact information. As is true in engineering, there’s no room for mistakes. Closely proofread your contact information before submitting your engineering cover letter.



    Do a bit of research about every employer to which you apply, and address your letter to this person. Call the company to ask if need be. Only if you cannot uncover the name of the hiring manager should you use a greeting like, “Dear Hiring Manager.”



      Tell the employer the job you’re applying for and how you discovered this particular opening. Immediately show off your qualifications in the opening paragraph by making use of engineering keywords that both sell your skills and are specific to the description of your target job.



        Here you’ll dive into the nitty-gritty details of what makes you perfectly suited for this engineering role. Expand on your resume while still focusing on terms borrowed from the employer’s posting. Try to tell a story if possible about a time you ran into a work obstacle and how you overcame and succeeded.



          Thank the recruiter while showing your genuine interest in the position. End by expressing interest in an opportunity to elaborate on your qualifications, perhaps in an interview.



            Before submitting a cover letter for an engineer role, always proofread the page at least once. Attention to detail is a key facet of being an engineer. Spelling or grammatical errors in any section could mean rejection from a critical recruiter.



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