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The average salary for an aeronautical engineer is $101,180 per year according to Indeed. If you want to land one of these lucrative roles, it’s important that you have a cover letter that makes a strong case for your skills in design, mathematics and collaboration. Use a cover letter from Hloom’s extensive library and our expert tips to write your own personalized document.

Sections of an Aeronautical Engineer Cover Letter

The most common sections you’ll see on a cover letter include:

Cover Letter Sections

Begin your cover letter by putting your name, title as an aeronautical engineer, phone number and a professional email address at the top of the page.



    Research the company to find the name of the hiring manager, and then address your cover letter directly to that person. As you can see from the above example, Glenn did his homework and addressed his cover letter to Albert Benson.



      Start your letter by citing the position you’re interested in and how you became aware of it. After that, tell the employer about the top one or two skills that would make you an asset to the company. In his letter, Glenn frames his qualifications and strengths as being in line with the company’s needs.



        Use the body of your cover letter to expand on the information you included in the introduction. Use an example from your work history that shows how you’ve previously managed tasks mentioned in the job listing. In Glenn’s letter he gives a sense of his career trajectory.



          Close your cover letter by restating your interest in the open position. As Glenn does, mention your willingness to meet for an interview, or a question and answer session.



            Use a formal sign-off like “Sincerely” or “Kind regards” and then type your name underneath. If mailing or submitting the letter in person, leave some space between the sign-off and your typed name to write your signature.



              Make Your Cover Letter Stand Out

              Display your skills in the field of aeronautics by using action verb phrases related to specific job duties. Software programs you have experience with are also important to include, using phrases like operated 3D CAD or specific CAE programs.

              Keep the language you use in your cover letter active by using job-related verbs. Add an example of how you’ve applied the skills related to the keywords you’re including in your cover letter. Using the example of prototype development, you could describe a time when you worked on a project using a specific CAE software program, such as Fusion 360. Other action verb examples might include:

              Earn: Indicate how and when you earned your ABET certification.

              Obtain: Highlight when you’ve obtained advanced security clearance in the past.

              Experiment: Spotlight any of your more notable past experiments as an aeronautical engineer, which perhaps might deal with prototype development.

              Improve: You might explain how you adjust the camber of a plane’s fuselage to improve a vessel’s aerodynamics and reduce fuel consumption.

              Importance of Including Aeronautical Engineer Job-Related Keywords

              It’s vital to include some job-specific keywords in the body of your cover letter. Many hiring managers today use applicant tracking systems (ATS) that search for specific keywords in your cover letter. When your cover letter includes terms like ABET certification, prototype development or CAE software, that tells the ATS program to put your cover letter and resume in front of the HR person who’s looking for a candidate with those skills.

              The secret to knowing which words you should include in your letter is to study the exact language used in the job post and echo it back when applicable to your skills. Weaving job-related keywords into your cover letter might look something like this:

              “Aeronautical engineer with eight years experience creating new engine componentents since earning ABET certification. Improved designs on engine prototypes to create a safer, more efficient model.”

              Build a Cover Letter

              Match Your Aeronautical Engineer Cover Letter to a Resume

              Your cover letter provides an opportunity to connect with hiring managers before they ever read your resume. It’s important that the two documents work together to make the strongest case possible for your candidacy. Think of your resume as bullet points of your career, straight facts without much detail. Your cover letter is your chance to add details and tell a story that paints a picture of who you are as an engineer.

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