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A role as a computer engineer makes $114,600 per year on average according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. If you’re trying to land a job in this lucrative field it’s essential that you have a cover letter that highlights your skills in mathematics, programming languages and problem-solving. Use a computer engineer cover letter example plus Hloom’s expert writing tips to create your own personalized document that impresses employers and wins you the job.

Sections of a Computer Engineer Cover Letter

The most common sections you’ll see on a cover letter include:

Cover Letter Sections

Add your professional contact information at the top of the page. Provide your name, city/state location, a professional email address and phone number.



    A formal greeting is best when addressing the recipient. Use a specific name and title to begin the letter personally. Include “Dr.” as appropriate. Do research online or call the company if you don’t know whom to address your letter. In the above example, it’s clear that Ravi did his homework as he addressed his letter to Mason Carlson directly. Only in the event that it’s impossible to uncover the person’s exact name should you address your letter to the company in general.



      Start by citing the exact role you’re interested in and how you heard about it. Next, highlight a few of your most valuable skills and why you believe they would be useful to the company. As you can see in Ravi’s letter, he mentions his background in the industry and his knowledge of programming tools that would serve as a valuable asset to the company.



        This is where you make the meat of your argument to be hired. If you can, tell a story of your accomplishments or an instance where you used your skills to solve a complex problem. Cite numbers wherever possible. In Ravi’s letter, he does a good job creating a narrative about his time with his previous employer that runs through a checklist of discussing his achievements.



          Confirm your interest in working at the company on their engineering projects. Offer thanks to the reader for their interest and time. Then, as Ravi does, indicate that you would like the chance to speak with the employer in the future.



            Close with “Sincerely,” your name and any academic credentials listed underneath.



              Make Your Cover Letter Stand Out

              The key to a successful cover letter is enriching it with relevant keywords and action verbs, which strengthen your text. The hiring manager will connect better with your message, and the applicant tracking system (ATS) will have a better chance of prioritizing your application. ATS identifies the best candidates as defined by a set of keywords, which it looks for when scanning your cover letter and resume. Verbs which may help include:

              Design: Fill in the recruiter about your experience in creating safe and effective designs.

              Analyze: Show you possess the necessary knack for analysis that helps you to decide what type of design a project calls for.

              Test: For the sake of safety and cost-effectiveness, mention your testing and quality assurance skills in your cover letter.

              Model: Communicate your skills for measuring the efficacy of your designs via modelling them.

              Simulate: Show you’re experienced in simulating and understanding how your design will perform once executed upon.

              Importance of Using Computer Engineer Job-Related Keywords

              The ATS is why the right keywords are essential when you are writing your cover letter and resume. It processes and manages job applications and is the gatekeeper at most companies. Larger companies and service bureaus working for smaller firms use ATS to deliver applications screened for keywords, usually about 50 percent of the total incoming volume.

              The surest way to make sure that you’re including the right keywords is to follow the language of the job posting closely, echo back the keywords that are applicable to your career. When you weave keywords into your cover letter, it might look something like this:

              “Oversaw the production of bluetooth adapters, circuit boards and CPU motherboards, and my tests for quality assurance were essential to the department. My problem-solving and collaborative abilities to create new hardware models would be a great asset to your company.”

              Build a Cover Letter

              Match Your Computer Engineer Cover Letter to a Resume or CV

              Start a dialog with your potential employer using an engineering cover letter example. You’ll help them understand you as a person and an engineer, and make it more difficult to see you as just another applicant. A resume is more or less just a list, whereas a cover letter expands on that list. Share your skills, experience and enthusiasm, and invite them to find out more.

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              Additional Engineering Cover Letters

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