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The average annual salary for quality control managers is $76,384 according to Indeed. If you’re after a job in this industry it’s very important that you have a cover letter that highlights your skills in monitoring, standardization and testing. Write your cover letter using a quality control manager cover letter example from Hloom’s library, and make it amazing using our expert cover letter tips. A great cover letter will help you impress the hiring manager and secure an interview.

Sections of a Quality Control Manager Cover Letter

The most common sections you’ll see on a cover letter include:

Cover Letter Sections

The heading goes at the top of a cover letter and should have a business-like appearance. Include your name, city, state, phone number and a professional email address.



    Add a personal touch when you write the greeting section of your cover letter by addressing the hiring manager by name. Research the company, if needed, to find the name and exact job title — call if necessary. In the sample above, it’s clear that Monro did his homework and addressed the letter to Doris Wilkens.



      Make a positive impression on the hiring manager by introducing yourself, mentioning the position you are interested in and how you found out it was open. Then make a brief argument for why your top skills would benefit the company to which you’re applying. In Monro’s letter, he makes the case that his personal strengths would align with the needs of the company.



        The body of your cover letter is where you have the opportunity to expand on aspects of your quality control manager work experience and skills. This section should be three to four sentences, and include one or two examples of accomplishments that match the job description. You can see in the example that Monro uses this section to discuss his professional growth at his last company and how it led to production of superior prototypes.



          An effective way to close a cover letter is by restating your interest in the position, then expressing your gratitude to the hiring manager for reading your letter. As Monro does, it’s always a good idea to then say that you would be excited to meet or talk with the hiring manager in the near future.



            End your cover letter with a final message that has a professional tone, such as “Kind regards” or “Sincerely.” Finish with a handwritten signature with your name typed underneath if you’re mailing it, or just type it for electronic submissions.



              Make Your Cover Letter Stand Out

              Add some pizzazz to your letter by using active words that relate to your job. When describing your work history, lead each sentence with an action verb to generate a sense of energy and activity. Here are several examples:

              Managed: Use this verb to show you’ve managed and lead quality assurance teams.

              Reviewed: Use this action verb when talking about specific processes examined by you or your team

              Tested: Testing is related to quality control to find flaws in the product or processes.

              Detail-oriented: As a quality control manager employers want to know you are organized and methodical.

              Importance of Using Quality Control Manager Job-Related Keywords

              To get your cover letter in the hands of hiring managers the use of job-related keywords is crucial. This helps scanning software flag your job application for review by the potential employer. Many human resources departments use applicant tracking systems (ATS) to search through cover letters and resumes for the skills listed in the job description. Applications that fail to include the keywords are eliminated from consideration.

              A good indicator of the keywords an employer is looking for is to do a close read of the job posting. All you have to do is echo them back in your cover letter wherever appropriate. An example of a keyword-rich cover letter statement might look something like:

              “My methodical and detail-oriented approach to product testing leaves no room for error. I managed a production facility producing 50,000 units a week and saw only a .2 percent level of defect over the course of 2019.”

              Build a Cover Letter

              Match Your Quality Control Manager Cover Letter to a Resume

              Your cover letter and resume work together to create your first impression as a potential quality control manager. Your cover letter is the opportunity to provide more detail than your resume allows on the most important accomplishments of your career. With complex topics like SPC and ISO processes, it offers a chance to show expertise.

              Use a brief example of a time you successfully applied your quality control management skills. Adding a personal touch increases the chance of your cover letter and resume being read all the way to the end, and of you getting an interview.

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