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Land interviews for bartender positions with a well-written cover letter that tells hiring managers why they should choose you. It’s easier than you think to craft an excellent cover letter that potential employers will notice.

Get ideas from our bartender cover letter example. Then, use the cover letter builder to create a professional-quality document of your own. Learn about the important elements of a cover letter, along with keywords that set your bartender cover letter apart.

Sections of a Bartender Cover Letter

The most common sections you’ll see on a cover letter include:

Cover Letter Sections

The first thing on your bartender cover letter should be the heading, as shown in the bartender cover letter example. Include your name, telephone number and email address, so restaurant and bar hiring managers know how to contact you.



    Address the greeting of your bartender cover letter to the person in charge of hiring. Identifying the correct hiring manager can be tricky, as bartending positions can be found in stand-alone bars, restaurants, pubs; and hotels. Use the business’s main website and social media accounts to identify either a bar owner or site manager, and address your cover letter that individual.

    Even if you address your letter to the incorrect person, it shows that you used effort and your personal time to research the role, rather than just writing a quick and generic greeting.



      Make a stellar first impression with an introduction that highlights your bartending skills, and what sets you apart from other candidates. Include attention-getting action verbs that reflect your most valuable attributes.

      Although our sample applicant, Paul Schumen, does a fine job of explaining his experience in the bartending business in his second paragraph, he fails to share any specific information in his introduction. He claims his professional skills align with the job requirements, but he doesn’t quote any requirements for the job post.

      You can make your cover letter strong by scanning the job ad for any skills that you excel in. For example, if the job requires an interest in craft cocktails, you could say the following:

      "I'm excited to see that your bar specialized in quality craft cocktails and beers. At my previous position, I introduced a cocktail happy hour that experimented with new flavors and increased business by 48 percent in one month."



        As you’ll see in our bartender cover letter sample, the body is where you can elaborate on your education and on-the-job experience. One way is by including a couple of examples of your performance at other restaurants or bars where you’ve worked.

        Mr. Schumen lets hiring managers know that he has excellent customer service and time management skills, and verifies that information by telling how many drinks he can serve within an hour. With fast skills and a positive response from his clients, hiring managers can safely assume he’s a strong candidate.

        If you include similar details in your cover letter body, but improve on the introduction with the advice we give before, you’ll emerge as a strong candidate.



          Wrap up your bartender cover letter with a closing that mentions your interest in the position. Thank the hiring manager for their time and consideration. You can also use this section to express interest in speaking to them in person.



            As demonstrated on the cover letter example at Hloom, the signature is simply the place to include a closing and your name. You could use a closing such as “Thank you,” “Sincerely” or “Warm regards.”



              Make Your Cover Letter Stand Out

              The inclusion of action verbs in your bartender cover letter helps it stand out from other applicants. Potential employers at bars and restaurants often look for keywords and variations of keywords like those listed below. If you need more inspiration, check out our bartender cover letter sample.

              Prepare: Communicate your ability as a bartender to prepare any number of standard cocktails and other drinks.

              Create: Being able to create one’s own original drinks or other specialties is a common trait in top-tier bartenders.

              Serve: Skilled bartenders should have no problem serving large groups or single patrons.

              Manage: You should be able to manage all of the different elements of your bar, as well as your fellow employees.

              Interact: Friendly and transactional interactions with patrons are a standard part of a bartender’s job.

              Another way to get your cover letter noticed is by providing a work experience example that elaborates on your keywords, as you’ll see on the bartender cover letter example. If one of your keywords is “create,” you could talk about a new cocktail you came up with. If one of your keywords is “resolve,” you could elaborate on an incident where you resolved a conflict with an unhappy customer or coworker. Including these details provides potential employers with real-world examples of your abilities, and shows them you can back up your keywords with relevant experience.

              Importance of Including Bartender Related Keywords

              Job-related keywords aren’t just noticed by hiring managers. Some establishments use applicant tracking systems (ATS) to weed out undesirable applicants. These systems scan for keywords that are relevant to what the employer is looking for in an applicant. It’s estimated that these tracking systems can cut an applicant pool down by as much as 50 percent. This is why including targeted action keywords in your bartender cover letter is so important.

              Look through this sample job advertisement and see if you can identify the keywords.



              If you're applying to a position with similar requirements, we recommend that you write something like:

              “I'm a high-energy bartender with four years of training making craft and classic cocktails. Additionally, my warm demeanor and engaging customer service skills resulted in a loyal clientele and sales increase of 62 percent during conference events.”

              Build a Cover Letter

              Match Your Bartender Cover Letter to a Resume

              Your resume can be used to elaborate on the bartending skills you talked about in your cover letter. It’s also a good place to list your education and training. For example, you could list that you graduated from bartending school on your resume, and go into more detail about your classes in your bartender cover letter. Take a look at our cover letter sample for more inspiration.


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