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If you dedicated years of your career towards perfecting IT systems and mentoring new members, you might feel ready to take on a managerial position. The timing couldn't be better — computer and information system manager careers are growing at a faster rate than other careers. Add an impressive starting salary of $142,00 nationwide and it’s a fantastic time to take the next step in your career.

Use our cover letter samples to share your specialized IT background and training to get your foot in the door.

Sections of a Computer and Information Systems Manager Cover Letter

The most common sections you’ll see on a cover letter include:

Cover Letter Sections

Place your professional contact information at the top of the cover letter example. Type your name and credentials, email address and a reliable contact number.



    Greet the recipient formally using Mr., Ms. or Dr. Personalize the letter to the head of the IT department if you don’t have the recipient’s specific name and title. Doing so indicates that you poured effort into learning about the department and reporting structure. Since most applicants don’t commit this level of research or interest, you’ll be elevated to the top of the candidate pool if your cover letter is equally tailored.



      Introduce yourself and show interest in the company’s computer and information systems manager position. Mention your career direction such as cybersecurity or virtualization. Cliff Thomas, our sample applicant, does a relatively good job of quickly summarizing his skills. He then verifies these skills by claiming that he has been recognized for his analysis proficiencies.

      The only additional advice we’d offer is to add more details about the recognition. If you have received an award or additional commendation, you should detail it in the introduction, especially if the award relates to the open job position.



        Paint a picture of your work. For example, talk about any formal qualifications and skills with C# or PowerShell. Describe how you have put these qualifications to use in desktop support or Active Directory management and relate them to the employer’s job requirements. Unfortunately, Mr. Thomas’ cover letter body trails away from his relatively strong introduction.

        Although he does mention some information system keywords like data management, he fails to illuminate on how his tenure resulted in any critical wins for the company. Did he establish any new policies that improved network stability? Did he successfully train new recruits and create a positive work environment that rewarded long-term employment and company loyalty?

        Without these details, the hiring manager just has a vague idea of Mr. Thomas’ value as an employee. This uncertainty makes it less likely that he will be invited in for an interview, let alone offered the job.



          Express interest in working in the position and enhancing your skills with Windows or other system software and applications. Thank the recipient for their time and interest.



            Close with “Regards” followed by your name and credentials. List relevant professional certifications such as Project Management Professional (PMP) below.



              Make Your Cover Letter Stand Out

              Catch the reader’s eye and enhance your application with specific keywords. Your goal is to make it onto the hiring manager’s desk, which usually means getting past the applicant tracking system (ATS). ATS uses the presence of computer and information system related keywords and text to understand who you are and how you might fit in with the company. Use related action verbs such as those listed below to help ensure your cover letter makes it to the hiring manager.

              Program: If you know any programming languages, even if they might not be used in your daily duties, make this known in your cover letter.

              Configure:Tell recruiters that you can configure the exact types of files and systems with which they work.

              Optimize: Say how you can optimize an office’s technological processes by referring to past examples in computer and information systems.

              Containerize: If asked for in a job ad, show your experience with software containers with this less common action verb.

              Manage: Highlight your ability to manage computer systems and programs.

              Importance of Using Computer and Information Systems Manager Job-related Keywords

              One goal of your cover letter is to get past a company’s ATS program, which manages incoming job documents. The HR department tells ATS about candidates they would like to see as employees. ATS then sorts through documents, eliminating many candidates in the process. This addresses the high volume of applications and reduces the burden on hiring managers. The computer and information systems manager cover letter sample plus your additional text and keywords can improve ATS results.

              When writing your cover letter, talk about how you do your work. Companies are interested in how you think and work with others in addition to your skills. Your computer and information systems manager cover letter example is a great place to show them. Most companies are undergoing an IT-driven business transformation and want to know how your expertise can help them to meet the challenges of the new millennium. They need new IT systems and new ideas.

              Draw a brief picture of an instance where you virtualized desktop systems and web servers and helped the company prepare for better disaster recovery. For example, you could say you “have expertise in containerizing applications, virtualization or edge computing which will help companies update their IT operations by decentralizing their operations.”

              Build a Cover Letter

              Match Your Computer and Information Systems Manager Cover Letter to a Resume

              With clear summaries of your work and skills on your cover letter, you can help your application get through the ATS screening process. The language in your cover letter is more descriptive and personal. Use the computer and information systems manager cover letter example to get your foot in the door.

              Computer and Information Systems Manager

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