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An understanding of computer science concepts is essential for most business and scientific computing jobs, especially as a computer network architect. This career has a generous starting salary, sees promising career growth over the next decade, and doesn’'t require more than a specialized bachelor’s degree. Our cover letter samples help you present your computer science skills, network experience and training in a way that hiring personnel can quickly review and approve.

Sections of a Computer Network Architect Cover Letter

The most common sections you’ll see on a cover letter include:

Cover Letter Sections

Include your name, credentials, email address and a contact number.

As you can see in our sample cover letter, you can simplify your contact information by omitting your full mailing address. Hiring managers are more likely to contact you via phone or email, so you can simply include your city and state.



    We strongly recommend you personalize your cover letter with a hiring manager’s name, rather than using a generic greeting like “Dear Hiring Manager.” A generic greeting looks templated and is more likely to be dismissed or ignored than a researched greeting. A personalized hello shows dedication and effort before you even have the job, giving you a leg up over other candidates.



      Write an impressive introduction by identifying a core responsibility in the job posting that aligns with your experience. Immediately follow this with an example of that skill in action, then say how excited you are to bring that quality to the new job.



        Review the “computing careers” section of this career information from the IEEE for terms you can use to describe your work. Talk about specific tools and techniques you use such as C++ programming or UML modeling.

        Our sample applicant provides the hiring manager a detailed list of both her technical computer skills and soft social skills, indicating that she’s adept at collaborating in a team and working on a network. Unfortunately, she doesn’t share any specific certificates or talk about apprenticeships that might describe her level of network building skills. If you have any specialized certificates or degrees, mention them here alongside your professional history.



          Underscore your interest in working at the company, and thank the recipient of your application materials for taking the time to review them.



            Close formally with “Sincerely” or similar with your name as in the heading. You can also add management and technical certifications like PMP or CCNP.



              Make Your Cover Letter Stand Out

              Your cover letter’s effectiveness relies on computer-science-related keywords and action verbs. This gives you greater authority if the hiring manager reads it and can also help get your application past ATS (applicant tracking system) software. ATS scans for computer science keywords and text as an indication of relevance. Verbs which may help might include some of those listed below, in addition to terms such as cloud computing:

              Program: Programming skills are essential for most computer science-related positions. Elaborate on your familiarity with whichever programming languages are called for in the job description.

              Manage:Tell if you’ve managed other people as a network architect. Alternatively, you might mention a time when your skills helped you navigate a particularly difficult system update or rebuild.

              Architect: While less often used as a verb, it might be key to describe times you’ve done essential work architecting computer systems.

              Design: Like mentioned above, give examples of when you’ve designed computer architecture, or perhaps highlight more abstract (visual, experience, etc.) design skills that could be relevant to the role.

              Optimize: If you can do so, give examples that show you’re well-versed in optimizing your code to run more efficiently.

              Importance of Using Computer Network Architect Job-Related Keywords

              ATS software compares your application to predetermined job characteristics and screens out less viable candidates automatically. Good keyword choices can help your application be taken seriously in this automated screening process. This is an important step because incoming application volume is reduced by about 50 percent before the hiring manager receives material to review.

              Computer science job applications should contain specific information about the depth and breadth of your skills and how you have used them in prior work. You can use Microsoft certifications such as MCSE or MCSD, Cisco certifications such as CCNE, and any other industry-recognized validations of your knowledge to enhance your ATS results and make a strong impression on the manager. Discuss how you put your skills to work such as in system management or desktop support roles using tools such as Microsoft Visual Studio and Azure. Go one step further and personalize your computer science cover letter example by telling a brief story about a past success including the tools which you employed. Check out this example:

              “I spent years as a network administrator, familiarizing myself with system management and desktop support tools like Azure and Microsoft Visual Studio. My knowledge in these tools allowed me to dedicate more time learning the in’s and out’s of system design during my network coding boot camp, propelling to the top of my class.”

              Build a Cover Letter

              Match Your Computer Network Architect Cover Letter to a Resume

              Your cover letter can open doors for you by telling your story in a way that’s relevant to a specific job, but it should also work with your resume by communicating your experience and skills along with your enthusiasm for your work. Add your personal story to the computer science cover letter example to show why you’re the best fit for the position.

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