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The average job market is growing at a mere 5 percent, but data analyst roles are growing at a much faster and impressive 26 percent. Hiring managers may be dealing with hundreds of applicants, and organizations often use technology to weed out job seekers that don’t have the right skills or experience.

Our data analyst cover letter sample provides some inspiration that can help you organize your own information and craft an attention-grabbing letter. Check out our tips for cover-letter writing, and customize one of our data analyst cover letter examples today.

Sections of a Data Analyst Cover Letter

The most common sections you’ll see on a cover letter include:

Cover Letter Sections

Create a professional heading that includes your name, city, phone number and email address. Make sure your email address is appropriate and professional. For example, you might have a personal email based on a childhood nickname or inside joke. While this email is appropriate for friendly communications, it may be off-putting to hiring managers. We took our sample applicant, Moria Aldric, and created good and poor examples of appropriate emails.





    Illustrate your eye for detail by addressing the letter to a specific person whenever possible. It may be the manager of the business analysis team, a leader in information systems or someone in HR.

    You can identify these team leads or HR representatives by scanning the company’s About Us, Contact Us, company directory or LinkedIn. Scan these pages and sources for anyone that has a job title in the department related to data analysis or HR. These individuals are likely to be in the hiring team for the open position.



      The ideal introduction needs to accomplish three things within two to three short paragraphs. You need to quickly summarize one or two skills that align with the open job, provide an example of a prior success involving that skill, and deftly explain to the recruiter how your experience perfectly meets their needs. As you can see in this sample cover letter, Ms. Aldric mentions her skill in increasing data management, but she fails to provide any quantifiable metrics or explicitly align her experience with the open position.

      Her reasons for wanting the job are vague. We suggest that you improve on this cover letter by writing something like:

      “I'm a data analyst with over four years of experience in exploratory and descriptive analytics. My critical analysis of data and ability to communicate results helped my company devise a roadmap that met customer needs. Our new products saw a 73 percent user jump and received overwhelming positive feedback, based on improving the pain points we identified in our early analysis.”



        Write a few short paragraphs that expound on important elements of your resume; you might explain how you used analysis to solve a complex business problem, or highlight some of the software and tools you are experienced in using. Again, Ms. Aldric does a fantastic job of describing which aspects of data analysis she excels in. The hiring manager immediately knows that she values her collaborative, communication, data mapping and database management skills.

        Unfortunately, Ms. Aldric fails to provide any concrete proof that she’s adept at these skills. Without any professional examples where Ms. Aldric successfully implemented these skills to benefit her previous company, the hiring manager is forced to rely on her word alone. If the hiring manager reads any cover letters that do provide this level of detail, Ms. Aldric’s application is more likely to be dismissed in favor of stronger applicants.



          Thank the reader for their time and consideration and close by tactfully stating you are available for an interview.



            End the letter with a professional sign-off such as “Sincerely” or “Best regards” and your full name.



              Make Your Cover Letter Stand Out

              Data analyst jobs are a growing part of all types of industries. From banking and health care to retail and food service, companies in all types of industries are relying increasingly on data to drive decisions about product development, marketing, money management and even customer service policies. As of 2018, 83 percent of enterprises were delving into Big Data to remain competitive, according to Forbes.

              Those companies need people to work with and analyze all that data; to ensure you’re one of those people, you need a cover letter that gets you in for an interview. One way to make your cover letter stand out is to incorporate active verbs. Look for active verbs that will resonate with employers — consider using the same verbs used in the job posting or reviewing our data analyst cover letter samples for some ideas.

              Some common verbs related to data analyst positions include these examples:

              Analyze: Gathered and analyzed data to generate daily reports.

              Report:Reported to managers and prioritized reports based on their needs.

              Maintain: Oversaw maintenance and updating of databases.

              Measure: Measured data according to company standards and stored all results in Excel sheets.

              Design: Designed and developed charts and dashboards, then strived to present them to other teams in an understandable way.

              Importance of Using Data Analyst Job-related Keywords

              Another reason to use these active verbs and other key phrases related to data analyst positions is to get past applicant tracking systems. ATS are used to automatically scan applications to weed out those that don’t meet minimum requirements.

              Keywords, including specific skills, certifications and verbs, may be programmed into the ATS; if your cover letter and resume don't include those words, you're out even before a person sees your documents. Take a look at the sample job advertisement below. "You will help find answers to broad questions, identify patterns and trends and assist with making informed decisions to influence product strategy and direction. You will educate people on what data is available to help them ask the most pertinent questions. You will also identify opportunities and raise our organizational competency around data and analytics. You might include a section in your cover letter like:

              “In my role as data coordinator at Moanic Industries, I helped design relevant data models and structures to meet business demands of understanding our customer’s shopping trends. We used descriptive analytics to inform product strategy based on the browsing trends we observed, leading to a 48 percent spike in conversions.”

              Build a Cover Letter

              Match Your Data Analyst Cover Letter to a Resume

              Finally, make sure your cover letter complements your resume. As a data analyst, you want to show that you understand big-picture thinking and can present details and a comprehensive package that makes sense to others.

              Whether or not you customize your resume to a specific job opening, do make sure to write a unique cover letter for every opportunity to which you apply. Check out our data analyst cover letter examples to see how you can use a cover letter as the bridge between your resume and the job listing.

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