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The current data science field is seeing a 20 percent growth with some career adaptation in the next few years. Data scientists play an important role in companies as they use large databases to develop insights into the future of the business.

This data scientist cover letter sample includes tips to help communicate your advanced data analysis background and how companies can benefit. In addition to accessing sample IT cover letters, you can structure a specific cover letter and use keywords and action words to attract attention to your resume.

Sections of a Data Scientist Cover Letter

The most common sections you’ll see on a cover letter include:

Cover Letter Sections

Add your contact information to the data scientist cover letter example. Use your name and credentials, a businesslike email address and a contact number. We recommend creating a dedicated email account for your job applications that follows one of the following email formats.

Professional Email Examples.



    Use a formal greeting to address the recipient. Use the most specific name and title you can find to personalize the letter. Make sure to use the honorific Dr. when appropriate. If you’re not sure how to identify the hiring manager, start with the job advertisement.

    Scan the ad for a contact name, or the department or division that the job is in. You can use the department name to find the department lead’s name on the company’s website or social media accounts. This person is most likely to be in charge of hiring the new data scientist.



      Write a serious, specific introduction declaring your interest in the company. Mention work you would like to do such as data mining or regression analysis. Our sample applicant, Mr. Oron Cratsley, immediately informs the hiring manager of his interest in problem-solving and market analysis.

      Unfortunately, he fails to provide an example when he applied those skills to benefit his previous or current employer. You can outperform our sample candidate by providing quantifiable metrics that the hiring manager can measure against their current team. These details elevate you over other candidates.



        Share your data science background and skills including experience with ETL tools such as Informatica, SQL, or other databases and programming. Mr. Cratsley lightly accomplishes this by mentioning his education and additional certification training.

        However, he again fails to add additional details or specific examples of professional accomplishments. We recommend that you quickly summarize a past project where the data reveals unusual user habits that allowed you and your company to pivet.



          Reiterate your interest in the company’s data science goals such as understanding customer behavior or improving manufacturing processes. Offer thanks for their time and interest.



            Finish with a closing such as “Sincerely” and a pen-written and typed signature on paper, or typed name electronically. Include your academic credentials as in the heading. You can also add certifications such as Certified Data Scientist.



              Make Your Cover Letter Stand Out

              Your cover letter should be rich in keywords and action verbs related to data science. This will help your documents get past applicant tracking systems (ATS) that many company’s use to prioritize applications. ATS looks for data-science-related keywords and text to identify the best candidates. Verbs which may help include those in the list below, in addition to terms such as “unstructured data.”

              Analyze: Communicate an ability to perform any specific types of analysis called for in the job description.

              Understand:Explicitly state that you have an understanding of whichever abstract concepts are highlighted in the ad for the role of data scientist.

              Communicate: Even in data scientist positions centered around hard science, show that you have communication skills that will help you work with colleagues.

              Predict: Detail how you might beat the data to the punch; showcase past examples of your prediction abilities as a data scientist.

              Importance of Using Data Scientist Job-related Keywords

              The ATS system identifies and manages job candidates application materials. Your application for a data science position will likely be screened for appropriate keyword content. This reduces incoming resume volume by about 50 percent and decreases the burden on hiring managers. The data scientist cover letter sample is ready for additional keywords and text to potentially improve ATS results.

              Effective data science job applications should include information about the specific approaches you take to your work. There are related certifications which can help to show your expertise depending on the specific role. For example, “I’m an expert at mining hybrid data sources for insight into customer behavior or processing weather data for new insights into airline operations.”

              Whatever your area of specialization, you can personalize your data science cover letter example by providing an example of your past success and a couple of the techniques which you used to achieve it. For instance, you might have identified a potential flaw in a manufacturing process using cloud-based computing resources and anomaly detection. Show that you are experienced and articulate in your cover letter, and your resume is likely to get more attention.

              Build a Cover Letter

              Match Your Data Scientist Cover Letter to a Resume

              With your cover letter you can open a dialog. The company may see potential to use your expertise in expanding their work. Your skill, experience and enthusiasm can lead them to find out more about you. Use the data scientist cover letter example to get your foot in the door.

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