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Automated logistical specialists can make $42,874 per year according to Glassdoor. If you’ve got your eyes on a job in this field, you’re going to need a cover letter that highlights your skills in computer technology, problem-solving and planning that helps you stand out from the competition. Use an automated logistics specialist cover letter sample from Hloom’s vast library combined with our expert writing tips to create your own impressive document that helps you land the job.

Sections of an Automated Logistical Specialist Cover Letter

The most common sections you’ll see on a cover letter include:

Cover Letter Sections

Keep the cover letter heading simple. Type your name, city/state, phone number and professional email address at the top. A professional email address is one that is a clear reflection of your name not a nickname or personal interest. For the above example, a professional email for Max might look something like this:



    Start out strong by addressing your letter to a specific person if possible. Do research on the company website or call if necessary. As you can see, Max did his homework and addressed his letter to Andy Longmire. Only in the event that it’s impossible to get a name should you use a dated greeting like “Dear Hiring Manager.”



      You only have seconds to capture the reader's attention, so lead with some of the best reasons you're the best candidate for this job. Peruse the automated logistical specialist cover letter examples for some insight on writing strong introductions for your cover letters. Max makes his case for being a solid candidate his history of proposing strategies that save cost and time, that’s music to the ears of an employer.



        Write a few concise paragraphs that expand on your qualifications and how they can serve this particular employer. Take a narrative approach rather than just reiterating facts that are already on your resume. Max does a really good job of this in his body paragraph when he outlines a problem that he had with delivery issues and mentions his process in overcoming them.



          Close strong by reiterating your interest in the role. Remember to thank the reader for their time. You can also tactfully state that you’re eager for interviews at the reader’s convenience.



            Sign off with “Sincerely” or another equally professional valediction. Type your first and last name and sign the letter if you're sending a paper copy.



              Make Your Cover Letter Stand Out

              A good way to make sure your cover letter stands out to a hiring manager is by including active verbs. They will help engage your reader. Start with those that are used in the job posting or read through our automated logistics specialist cover letter examples for ideas. Some common verbs for these positions might include these examples:

              Provide: Provided teammates with proper warehouse safety information and ensured proper protocol was followed.

              Acquire: Regularly acquired classified materials and promptly sorted them into the proper section of the warehouse.

              Schedule: Trained a new warehouse team and meticulously scheduled their shifts to maximize efficiency.

              Document: Documented all logistical anomalies and delivery-related mistakes to better plan for the future.

              Analyze: Analyzed the monetary impact of proposed changes to logistics and organization.

              Importance of Using Automated Logistical Specialist Job-Related Keywords

              Logistics jobs tend to require a range of experience and education, including certifications from organizations such as the International Society of Logistics or APICS. In some cases, those certifications are keywords that an employer needs to hear before they can offer you a job. Make sure to include language about these types of qualifications in your cover letter to help your resume make it through applicant tracking systems (ATS).

              ATS are often employed by organizations that want to streamline the hiring process. The systems scan cover letters and resumes for keywords, eliminating those that don’t contain them.

              Read the job posting, looking for certifications and educational requirements, and include those in your cover letter and resume if you have them. This will help ensure you pass the ATS. It’s critical to include as many relevant industry keywords and job phrases as possible, as ATS systems are known to weed out up to 50 percent of all applicants before they can even be considered for an interview.

              An example of how to include them in your cover letter might look like:

              “Desire to increase my efficiency and the scope of my automation knowledge, I sought to acquire APICS certification. The training has increased my ability to analyze issues in automation and improve the efficiency of the machine organization.”

              Build a Cover Letter

              Match Your Automated Logistical Specialist Cover Letter to a Resume

              Finally, always take the time to make sure your cover letter matches your resume. Use the same fonts and overall design, and be sure you haven’t accidentally contradicted resume details in your cover letter.

              You can customize one of our automated logistical specialist cover letter examples when applying to each job opportunity, but make sure you look at the big picture and how the cover letter looks alongside your resume.

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