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The average annual salary for a dispatch manager is $47,451 according to Indeed. If you had your eye on a specific job in this field, you’re going to need a cover letter that really makes the case for your excellent skills in planning, coordination and problem-solving. Start by looking over an example of a well-written dispatch manager cover to get an idea of what you need to do. Then, apply Hloom’s expert writing tips and create your own cover letter that impresses employers and helps win you the job.

Sections of a Dispatch Manager Cover Letter

The most common sections you’ll see on a cover letter include:

Cover Letter Sections

Put your name and contact information in a prominent, eye-catching spot at the top of your dispatch manager cover letter. Include your city and state location, phone number and a professional email address. By professional email address, that means one that is a clean reflection of your name, nothing funny. For the above example, a good professional email address for Nat might be something like:



    Explore the job description for the dispatch manager position or research the logistics company to determine the hiring manager's name and exact job title. Research the company online or call if need be.



      Your letter should begin by mentioning the exact job title you’re applying to and how you found out about it. After that, you want to outline the biggest reason you believe an employer should hire you and how you will benefit the company. In Nat’s example, he mentions the strategic initiatives he has developed as his selling points.



        Expand on your introduction by sharing brief examples of times you used your dispatching and logistics talent. Tell a story and use numbers whenever possible. This makes your cover letter more interesting and useful as an information source for the hiring manager. As Nat does, paint a picture of what you’re like as a dispatch manager and what really drives you.



          Restate your interest in the dispatching position with a brief note about why you're a great candidate. Thank the HR manager for their time, and mention your eagerness to meet and discuss the dispatch manager position.



            Details matter in a position like dispatching, so make sure your signature is legible and followed by your typed name. Proofread the letter carefully to ensure every detail is correct and there are no spelling errors.



              Make Your Cover Letter Stand Out

              In order to make your letter striking to an employer, make sure you use active language that engages the reader. Be sure to combine some key skills, such as hitting financial targets, resource allocation, analytics, communication and using fleet-dispatching software such as Samsara with action verbs like those included in these examples:

              Manage: This may be obvious, but every hiring manager will expect your cover letter to highlight specific examples of your management skills in action.

              Allocate: Prove in your cover letter that you can properly allocate your employees’ labor, as well as resources in general.

              Analyze: Every manager should have top-notch analytical skills. Highlight these on your cover letter when discussing your mind for logistics.

              Communicate: Even though a dispatch manager position might demand some industry-specific skills, excellent communication is a must for any manager.

              Meet: If it relates to what’s in the job ad, include in your cover letter mention of when you’ve helped a company meet past financial goals.

              Importance of Using Dispatch Manager Job-related Keywords

              When human resource department personnel are hunting candidates for dispatch manager positions, they enter keywords in an applicant tracking system (ATS). The program scans applicant information for keywords like fleet dispatching software and resource allocation.

              The most surefire practice for trying to pick the right keywords to include is to do a close study of the job posting and echo back the keywords you see present if they relate to your work experience.

              You could help the hiring manager envision you working for the company as a dispatch manager by including an example of performing key job tasks, such as discussing a load delivery with a driver who got lost. You might write about using your dispatch software to pinpoint the driver's current location and your communication skills to calm him down while providing him correct turn-by-turn directions to get the load delivered on time.

              Build a Cover Letter

              Match Your Dispatch Manager Cover Letter to a Resume

              A great cover letter can increase the effectiveness of your resume by emphasizing the talents you've worked so hard to develop as a logistics professional. Your resume lists bare bones details, but your cover letter is your space to expand upon these details and paint a fuller picture of who you are as an employee.

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