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The average salary for a logistics coordinator is $44,714 according to Glassdoor. If you’re looking to land a job as one, a cover letter which hammers home your skills in organization, planning and problem-solving is going to be your ticket to an interview. Look over a logistics coordinator cover letter example from Hloom’s vast library to see what elements you need to include. Then, employ our professional tips to create your own outstanding cover letter that’s bound to impress.

Sections of a Logistics Coordinator Cover Letter

The most common sections you’ll see on a cover letter include:

Cover Letter Sections

Located at the top of the logistics coordinator cover letter is your contact information formatted in a business letter format. This information includes your name, city/state location, phone number and a professional email address. By professional email address that means one that is based off your name.



    Follow your heading with a personalized greeting that includes the name and title of the hiring manager or recruiter. Do research online or call to find out this information. However, if you cannot uncover it, as Brent did, you can address the letter to “Dear Hiring Manager.”



      Set yourself apart from the competition by introducing yourself using logistics coordinator-based keywords. Tell who you are, what position you're applying for, how you heard about it and why you're the best choice for the job. In Brent’s case, he makes the argument that his work experience fits the needs of the position.



        Focus on keyword-rich statements like asset management, customer service, planning and inventory control in the body of your cover letter. Highlight keywords from the job description and integrate them into your application. Use numbers to discuss your achievements whenever possible. As Brent does in his example, make sure that you hit as many keywords as possible to get a hiring manager’s attention.



          End your logistics coordinator cover letter on a professional note by stating your interest in the company, thanking the reader for their time, and expressing enthusiasm for future contact with the employer.



            Close your letter with a simple sign-off and your name. Proper formatting can be found with a cover letter template.



              Make Your Cover Letter Stand Out

              Action verbs help showcase your personality and powerfully communicate your skills and accomplishments. For a logistics coordinator, words like distributed, coordinated, refined, documented and organized paint a clearer picture of your past experience than weaker statements like “I did” or “I made.” Action verbs stand out when a recruiter is scanning your letter for the first time, which can help you end up in the save pile.

              When crafting your cover letter, read through the job description again and highlight keywords and phrases used by the company that pertain to a logistics coordinator. Look for items like asset management, demand planning, customer service and negotiations. Pair these job descriptors and action verbs with your own past experiences. Consider using statements like:

              Refine: Refined the asset management program within the shipping and receiving department to save the company 15 percent during the first quarter.

              Coordinate: Coordinated the customer service efforts to help bolster sales.

              Document: Documented results from demand planning to determine the efficient delivery of products.

              Monitor: Monitored shipments to guarantee timely delivery to clients.

              Oversee: Oversaw orders and scheduling for all employees.

              Importance of Using Logistics Coordinator Job-Related Keywords

              Because recruiters receive so many applications, it’s very common that your cover letter isn’t read so much as it just scanned for keywords. Recruiters typically spend around five seconds skimming through the content on a cover letter for items that catch their eye. They may also utilize an applicant tracking system (ATS) which are programmed to look for keywords and may eliminate as many as 50 percent of applications from the potential employee pile.

              The best practice for making sure you’re hitting the right keywords is to pay close attention to the exact language used in the job posting. Whenever they apply to you, echo back the same keywords you see in the posting. An example of blending the keywords into your cover letter might look something like this:

              “In the process of overseeing the supply chain organization, I monitored every variable and how affected department productivity. This allowed me to refine our systems and coordinate them to an increased 17 percent efficiency.”

              Build a Cover Letter

              Match Your Logistics Coordinator Cover Letter to a Resume

              Take your resume to the next level with a well-thought-out logistics coordinator cover letter that expands on the skills and experience listed in your resume. By using a logistics cover letter sample, you can learn how to expand on a few key concepts, inject personality and make a personal connection with the company. For example, if your resume states you initiated a new ordering process for your past employer, the cover letter can go into detail on why you enjoy looking for innovative ways of doing your job and how this would benefit the new position.

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