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The medical industry is set to grow 14 percent by 2028 making it the fastest growing occupational field according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor statistics. When you have your sights on a coveted position in the medical industry, you’ll need a cover letter that highlights your skills in healthcare, medical knowledge and procedure. Check out a medical industry cover letter to see how others have succeeded and incorporate our expert writing tips to complete your own impressive letter.

What Is a Medical Role?

The medical field is an industry with constant staffing shortfalls and plenty of opportunities. Employers are looking for licensed, well-trained team players. Transform a medical cover letter example into your own professional letter that reinforces your resume and ties your skills and work experience to the job requirements listed in the ad. Showcase your skills by identifying action words sought after in medical cover letters. Key skills for medical professionals include interpersonal skills, so highlight in your cover letter how you’ve used your interpersonal skills to successfully interact with patients and their families during stressful situations.


Medical Cover Letters Samples

Elevate Your Cover Letter

The most common sections you’ll see on a cover letter include:

Cover Letter Sections

Use a business letter format for the heading to demonstrate professionalism, a desired quality in the medical industry. At the top list your name, city and state, phone number and a professional email address.



    Personalize your greeting by addressing your cover letter to the appropriate hiring manager, which may require researching the medical facility if this information isn’t provided in the job posting. If the individual cannot be discerned, you may address your letter to the facility you’d like to work in or “Dear Hiring Manager.”



      Apply keywords, including appropriate medical jargon, in the introduction to briefly address your top one or two skills that are necessary for the job. This helps get past applicant tracking systems (ATS) often used by large medical facilities.



        Use a paragraph or bullet list in the body of a medical cover letter sample to promote your top skills. Ensure these skills match the job requirements, and include examples from professional experience. Cite numbers whenever possible as they give concrete examples of your performance levels.



          End your medical cover letter sample strongly by reaffirming your enthusiasm for the job and politely suggesting further communication or steps, such as scheduling an interview. Be sure to thank the reader for their time.



            Accuracy is critical in the medical industry. Don’t let errors in your cover letter harm your chances of employment. Proofread carefully and/or have a proofing service or someone you trust double-check your document.



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