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The demand for dental hygienists is expected to increase 11 percent by 2028 according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. If you’re looking for a role in this growing field you’re going to need a cover letter that highlights your skills in customer service, attention to detail and dental training. Use a dental hygienist cover letter example as inspiration, and combine it with Hloom’s expert writing tips to create a unique document that impresses employers and lands you the job.

Sections of a Dental Hygienist Cover Letter

The most common sections you’ll see on a cover letter include:

Cover Letter Sections

At the top of your dental hygienist cover letter, include your name, phone number and a professional email address. By professional email address, that means one that is a clean reflection of your name. For Tracy Richardson, a professional email might look like:



    Show your enthusiasm for the position by going to the dental office’s website (or calling) and finding out the name of the person who will be looking at your cover letter. Address this person in your cover letter. In Tracy’s letter, you can see that she did her homework and addressed it to the dental practice owner, Mr. Cruz.



      Start off by citing your interest in the hygienist role and where you discovered its availability. Then give your briefest sales pitch as to why you’re the right person for the role. Note how in Tracy’s letter, she uses hard numbers to give an idea of how many patients she can process, and notes the value that would add to the company.



        The body is the meat of your argument for why you should be hired. Give specific details on your experience as a dental hygienist. If you’re straight out of school, you may include some information on the course subjects or hands-on training you found most interesting. In Tracy’s letter, she cites treating 7,000 patients in her career. Using numbers is always a good tactic to give a concrete sense of your experience to employers.



          End your cover letter by thanking the person for their time and letting them know when you’re available for a phone call or interview.



            Sign off with a professional “Sincerely” or a “Thank you” and write your name beneath.



              Make Your Cover Letter Stand Out

              Start by looking for action verbs throughout the job description. Common words used in dental hygienist positions include: perform, instruct, chart, sterilize and collect. You can incorporate these verbs into your cover letter by showing your experience in performing routine cleanings, instructing patients on proper dental hygiene routines and techniques, charting patient medical information, sterilizing equipment between patients, and collecting medical histories and patient concerns.

              Perform: Make note of procedures, like routine cleanings or root canals, that you’ve performed for patients.

              Instruct: You might instruct patients on proper dental hygiene, or new members of your staff on proper cleaning methods.

              Chart: Any dental resume should establish one’s ability to chart patient medical information..

              Sterilize: Make clear that you take equipment sterilization seriously.

              Collect: Show you can collect medical histories or patient concerns.

              Importance of Using Dental Hygienist Job-Related Keywords

              Using the right keywords in your letter is important because more and more companies use applicant tracking systems (ATS) to help narrow down the number of applicants the hiring manager sees. ATS works by screening resumes and cover letters for specific keywords and allowing only those that have these keywords through to the hiring manager. Tailor each cover letter to the exact phrases of the job description.

              You can work these verbs and other keyword phrases into your dental hygienist cover letter all at once by providing a specific example scenario from your past experience:

              “During my time as a dental hygienist for XYZ, I performed an average of 10 routine cleanings a day and was responsible for collecting information on patients' medical histories and updating charts.”

              Build a Cover Letter

              Match Your Dental Hygienist Cover Letter to a Resume

              While the cover letter and resume are two distinct documents, they should work together in both style and content. Make sure to format both documents in a similar way, using the same font and font size. The cover letter should also highlight specific certifications or skills from your resume, expanding on them in a narrative fashion that allows the reviewer to get a more detailed picture of your dental hygiene experience.

              Dental Hygienist

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