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The demand for medical assistants is expected to grow 23 percent by 2028 according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. If you want to land a role in this rapidly growing field it’s important that you have a cover letter that helps you stand out by showcasing you have the necessary medical assistant skills in assessing patients, taking vital signs and communication. Use a great medical assistant cover letter example and pair it with Hloom’s writing tips to create a cover letter that impresses employers and wins you the job.

Sections of a Medical Assistant Cover Letter

The most common sections you’ll see on a cover letter include:

Cover Letter Sections

Make this part formal, with your full name, city/state location, phone number and a professional email address. By a professional email address, that means one that is a reflection of your name. In Christian’s example above, a professional email might look like:



    Address the recipient by name whenever possible. This information may be found on the company website or obtained through a quick call to the HR department. In the above example, you can see that Christian did that legwork and addressed the letter to Rosa White. Only if there is absolutely no way to discover that information should you address a letter, “Dear Hiring Manager.”



      Start your cover letter out strong, grabbing the attention of the hiring manager. Mention the exact role you are interested in and where you saw the posting. Then, make your biggest case for why you think you’re the right candidate for the job. In Christian’s example, he makes the argument that the needs of the company align with his skill set.



        Here you have the opportunity to explain why you chose the medical field, and to elaborate on particular accomplishments that are listed on your resume. As Christian does, create a picture of your performance on the job and cite specific numbers wherever possible.



          Complete your cover letter by reaffirming your interest to work with this company. Thank the reader for their time spent reading your application. Then, as Christian does, mention that you hope the company calls you at their earliest convenience.



            Sign your full name with a professional closing salutation. Include any professional credentials you may have under your name.



              Make Your Cover Letter Stand Out

              Try to make your resume stand out to an employer by using action words to grab their attention. Be sure to describe any common medical software systems you’re familiar with, and opportunities you’ve had to revamp procedures or systems that have made your past employer’s offices run more smoothly. You may also choose to mention instances where you’ve gone above and beyond to help a patient in need — within HIPAA regulations.

              The body of your cover letter can help expand on the skills listed on your resume. Here’s your chance to elaborate on your attention to detail and empathy for patients. Where possible, quantify your professional successes. Below is a short list of example action verbs you might include on your cover letter:

              Reconcile: Reconciled records by working closely with patients and billing departments.

              Preserve:Preserved patient confidentiality at no cost to patient care.

              Advocate: Advocated for patients over a focus on profitability.

              Arrange: Arranged patient testing and ensured a positive experience.

              Collect: Collected test specimens and accurately interpreted results.

              Importance of Using Medical Assistant Job-Related Keywords

              Many hospitals and health care facilities use applicant tracking systems (ATS) to scan cover letters and resumes and match them to the posted job descriptions. By including job-specific phrases to the medical assistant position in your cover letter, you’ll be able to bypass an ATS. Study the exact language of the company’s own posted job description and echo back the important phrases that apply to your career. It’s the best strategy to make sure your resume passes an ATS and gets into a hiring manager’s hands.

              Try to weave all of the keywords you can into sentences that still sound natural. For example, consider this statement:

              “My true passion as a medical assistant is best seen through my aptitude for patient care. That means my attention to detail and proficiency in performing diagnostics is always done with utmost care and error-free precision.”

              Build a Cover Letter

              Match Your Medical Assistant Cover Letter to a Resume

              A well-written cover letter that matches your resume can help your application stand out to recruiters for a medical assistant position. You have the opportunity to highlight your past successes and share your attention to detail, passion for the medical field, and commitment to patient care and confidentiality with potential employers.

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