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Ambulance drivers, providing medical transport or as first responders, are much more than their credentials. They perform under pressure while driving and providing care, all while acquiring technical and medical skills in the field. With high job growth in the Northeast and competitive wage growth in Georgia and Mississippi, competition will be intense for these open positions. We'll make it easier for you to impress hiring managers with our combination of an ambulance cover letter sample and tools.

We analyzed open job postings across the country and created a list of ambulance-exclusive keywords and responsibilities to help your cover letter stand out. Along with our sample cover letters, you can use this advice to make a cover letter that complements your resume or CV.

Sections of an Ambulance Driver Cover Letter

The most common sections you’ll see on a cover letter include:

Cover Letter Sections

Customize your ambulance driver cover letter example with your name and credentials, a businesslike email address and your contact number.



    Use a formal greeting and the addressee’s name and title, if available, to help personalize your message. We recommend a personalized greeting with the hiring manager's name because it indicates a level of genuine interest due to you conducting additional research. How to find this information varies according to the type of ambulance service that you're applying to.

    A privately owned service will have a company website or directory that would list any HR and regional managers that you can contact. A public service run by the city or local fire department will be run by the local government. You can direct your cover letter to the emergency service department head or local fire chief.



      Express your interest in the organization and the role of ambulance driver. Be focused and brief, and quickly summarize how you're the correct solution to the open position. You can achieve this by identifying a critical requirement for the role: If you have matching qualifications, you need to share it in this section and explicitly outline how this aligns with the job.



        Share your training background and level such as EMT-Basic or EMT-Intermediate. Mention if you have any required state certifications. Write about your proficiency with specific skills such as urban ambulance driving, critical-care patient transport, communications or triage.

        As you can see in this ambulance cover letter, Allen Munsey clearly lists all of his credentials.



          Restate your interest in the organization, their mission and the ambulance driver position. Offer thanks to the reader for their time and interest.



            Close with “Regards” or “Sincerely” and your name. Add any certifications such as EMT-Intermediate below your name.



              Make Your Cover Letter Stand Out

              A cover letter rich in EMT-related keywords and action verbs sends a strong message about you. Your resume is more likely to make it past an applicant tracking system (ATS), and onto the desk of a hiring manager with important keywords included. ATS scans applications automatically looking for these specific terms and language. Verbs that may help include those found below:

              Respond: Let the employer know how fast you’ll be able to respond to calls, or how experienced you are in doing so, since that’ll be your primary duty as a driver.

              Decide:You might need to decide which route to your destination is fastest or when to activate the ambulance’s siren.

              Analyze: Tell a hiring manager of the ways you’ll be able to analyze any situation to best ensure the safety, quick transport and optimal treatment of a patient.

              Treat: Be sure to bring up the ways you help treat patients, whether that’s through actual hands-on help alongside EMTs or simply by driving to the best of your ability.

              Manage: Communicating how you manage unpredictable situations or people that you supervise could give your application an edge over others.

              An effective ambulance driver cover letter should describe your abilities in several ways: medical skills, driving ability, emergency response and physical abilities. Add strength to your message by including related certifications such as the National Safety Council’s Emergency Vehicle Operator training, which can help show your expertise when driving in emergency situations. You may be a former military first responder, National Guard medic, or you might be involved in a local disaster planning agency — mention these to strengthen your story.

              Importance of Using Ambulance Driver Job-related Keywords

              Most companies use ATS software to reduce the application burden on hiring managers. This typically reduces resume volume by about 50 percent, screening out lower-quality applications, including those that don’t include required qualifications. Use the ambulance driver cover letter sample to get started, and carefully add keywords and text to help get past ATS programs.

              You can identify these keywords through the job post — ATS only work by uploading the advertisement, so all the tools are at your disposal. Look through the post for anything that looks different or elevated. Are tasks repeated or slightly reworded? Is anything highlighted on emphasized in italics or bold? Is there a list of Essential Duties? If you identify any of those, prioritize those skills and responsibilities for your cover letter. See our sample job ad below for an idea of what to look for – we've italicized all the keywords in bold for you. As you can see, medical treatment, calmly interacting with patients, and maintaining an efficient and clean ambulance are crucial responsibilities that are mentioned repeatedly.


              Provide on-site medical treatment and emergent transportation to medical centers, Level 1 trauma centers and other locations as needed.

              Essential Functions

              To successfully apply for this role, a sample applicant might write in their cover letter that they "successfully cleaned and maintained the ambulance rig and medical supplies on-board. As a result, you and your partner saw a reduced number of infections and an increase of 28% for better outcomes upon delivering patients to a Level One Trama Center." You can also personalize your ambulance driver cover letter example by relating a success story and a couple of the skills you used to achieve it. For instance, you could tell about a physician-unavailable situation where you had to stabilize and transport a patient. Show you're experienced and articulate in your cover letter, and your resume is likely to get more attention.

              Build a Cover Letter

              Match Your Ambulance Driver Cover Letter to a Resume or CV

              Use your cover letter to show your strengths at work. This is your opportunity to expand on the information in your resume. You can share how you handle stress, why you enjoy your work and why it’s the right medical job for you. Take an ambulance driver cover letter sample and make it your own.

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