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Marketing and sales are two different industries that seek to achieve the same goal: get people to buy. If you’re looking for a career in this realm, you’ve got to know how to sell yourself. Do it with a cover letter that showcases your skills in selling, making conversions and branding. Create your own professional document with Hloom’s cover letter builder and letter-writing tips to land the interview for your dream job.

What Is a Marketing and Sales Role?

In the marketing and sales industries, you must have the ability to promote and sell products. Use a marketing and sales cover letter example to showcase your innate ability to perform these tasks. Ensure your cover letter and resume work together to portray you as a confident, successful marketing and sales professional with the desired skills listed in the job posting. Include examples of your previous campaign accomplishments.


Marketing and Sales Cover Letters

Elevate Your Cover Letter

The most common sections you’ll see on a cover letter include:

Cover Letter Sections

Format your heading like a business letter with your current contact information. Match this heading to your resume to demonstrate your ability to create a personal brand.



    Do research to personalize the professional greeting in a marketing and sales cover letter example. If the job posting doesn’t include the hiring manager’s name, show initiative by learning whom to address by researching the company website.



      Toot your own horn in an attention-grabbing introduction that focuses on your top skills as assets to the company. Convince the reader you possess all the right skills by applying keywords from the job posting.



        Back up the claims in your introduction with examples from your professional experience. If the job prefers digital marketing over print materials, include details of online marketing campaigns with your resume. Use numbers as concrete examples of your success whenever possible.



          Demonstrate your communication skills in a closing statement that clearly expresses your interest in the job. Include a polite nudge for future action, such as the opportunity to interview. Thank the reader for their time in reviewing your documents.



            Accurate spelling and grammar demonstrate your attention to detail, which is indispensable in marketing. Proofreading is crucial to make a good impression, so double-check for typos and poor grammar choices. Have a second pair of eyes look over your finished product just to catch anything you might’ve missed.



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