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A merchandising vendor makes $25,600 a year according to Glassdoor. If you’re trying to land one of these jobs, it helps to have a cover letter that showcases your skills in product display, salesmanship and customer service. Use a merchandising vendor cover letter from Hloom’s vast library and our writing tips to create your own great document that impresses a manager and lands you an interview.

Sections of a Merchandising Vendor Cover Letter

The most common sections you’ll see on a cover letter include:

Cover Letter Sections

This is an important section to include so the employer knows how to contact you. Include your name, city and state, phone number and professional email address. A professional email address is one that is a clear reflection of your name and doesn’t include a nickname or personal interest.



    The greeting of your merchandising vendor cover letter addresses who you are writing the letter to. Research the company online or call if you have to. As you can see above, Norris did his homework and addressed the letter to Sandy Abbott.



      The first paragraph for your vendor cover letter is to introduce yourself, and express your interest in the position. To make it unique, you can write a creative opening line, but be sure to keep it professional. As you see in Norris’ example, he mentions how good of a fit he sees himself for the company’s mission and values.



        Use the body of your vendor cover letter to explain why you are the best fit for the available job. Ideally, it should be one paragraph with about three to four sentences. Note in Norris’ example that he cites specific numbers in his body paragraph. Using numbers is a concrete way to show to a hiring manager what you’ll bring to the table as an employee.



          End your vendor cover letter by thanking the recipient for their time. Feeling proactive? Just as Norris did, let them know that you hope to hear from them. You could even mention certain times it would be good for you to discuss the role.



            Use a formal sign-off like “Sincerely” or “Kind regards.” Underneath, provide a handwritten signature if you’re delivering application materials in person or sending them through the mail. Otherwise, just type your name.



              Make Your Cover Letter Stand Out

              When you’re writing your cover letter using an existing merchandising vendor cover letter sample, you can help make it stand out by including active keywords and phrases related to vendors and their job responsibilities. Individual responsibilities will vary depending on the company you work for, but there are some commonalities among them all. To get started, check out the action verbs listed below.

              Maintain: This can be used for any type of vendor role, but in a management-level position, this could refer to your ability to maintain collaborative relationships with vendors, and help solve vendor performance and capability issues.

              Manage: This action verb could relate to pricing changes, invoicing issues or cost reductions.

              Perform: Use this to show your ability to perform diligence and risk analysis.

              Coordinate: This shows that you are able to coordinate with outside vendors and contractors.

              Deliver: Use this to indicate you are able to deliver proposals or goods in a timely manner.

              Importance of Using Merchandising Vendor Job-Related Keywords

              When you write your cover letter, make sure to include job-related keywords and phrases such as those listed above.

              Many larger companies or recruiting agencies use applicant tracking systems (ATS) to help them find qualified candidates. The process is efficient and automatic. ATS software scans cover letters and resumes looking for keywords and phrases related to the job. These phrases often come from the job posting, so look there to find ideas. When you include these vendor-related phrases, you can help boost your chances of landing an interview.

              The best way to know what keywords to include is to study the exact language of the job post and echo it back in your cover letter when applicable. Most employers hide the clues in the job post. A good example of how to weave keywords into your cover letter might look something like this:

              “Maintain store order and cleanliness as well as create eye-catching displays to allure consumers. Demonstrate excellent customer service skills and product knowledge.”

              Build a Cover Letter

              Match Your Merchandising Vendor Cover Letter to a Resume

              The main purpose of a vendor cover letter, written with the help of a vendor cover letter sample, is to reinforce your resume. Where your resume highlights your specific work experience and qualifications, the cover letter turns those details into a story that shows what you’re like are as an employee. A well-written vendor cover letter can help boost your chances of receiving the all-important callback for an interview.

              Merchandising Vendor

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