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A sales director makes $123,306 a year according to If you’ve got your eyes set on one of these lucrative roles, you’re going to need a cover letter that showcases your skills in relationship building, hitting financial targets and predicting consumer trends. Use a sales director cover letter example from Hloom’s extensive library combined with our professional writing tips to craft your own cover letter that impresses employers and wins you the job.

Sections of a Sales Director Cover Letter

The most common sections you’ll see on a cover letter include:

Cover Letter Sections

At the top of the page include your name, city/state location, phone number and a professional email address.



    Address the recipient by name. You can find this information researching the company website or with a quick phone call to the human resources department. As you can see in the above example, Lance did this legwork and addressed the letter to Byron Bell. Only if it proves impossible to uncover the name of the right individual should you use a dated greeting like “To Whom This May Concern” or “Dear Hiring Manager.”



      Begin by citing the exact job to which you are applying and where you learned of this opening. Then give your elevator sales pitch on one or two of your strongest skills that you believe would add value to the company to which you are applying. In Lance’s case, he suggests that his background is aligned with the needs of the company.



        This portion lets you flesh out the bullet points on your resume. Highlight one or two accomplishments that particularly stand out and tell a story about them, such as enticing a client away from a competitor or introducing a new method of generating hot leads. In Lance’s letter, he does a good job of citing numbers to convey a sense of his business successes mentioning 30 percent revenue increase in his first six months and an overall increase in sales of $30 million. Cite your success numbers whenever possible because it gives a concrete impression to a hiring manager of what you are capable of.



          Reiterate your interest in the position by speaking specifically about why you’re interested in this company. Tailor your responses to dovetail with the company’s mission statement or your own passion for sales. Thank the reader for their time and consideration. As Lance does, suggest an in-person follow up within a given timeframe, or suggest that you hope to hear from the company at their earliest convenience.



            Use a professional closing salutation like “Sincerely” or “Kind regards.” Then sign your name underneath.



              Make Your Cover Letter Stand Out

              Incorporate specific action words to make your sales director cover letter engage the reader, focusing on particular achievements. Using words similar to the examples listed below might add emphasis to the accomplishments you list or demonstrate your client retention success:

              Generate: If you can cite any particularly impressive metrics regarding revenue increases for which you’re personally responsible, do so in your cover letter.

              Negotiate: Negotiation skills can make or break a sales director’s career. Lay out some of your negotiation-related experience, even if only in passing.

              Maximize: If you’re applying for a sales director job that emphasizes bulk sales of massive value, communicate a sense of how you’ve maximized past client orders.

              Acquire: You might reference how you acquire knowledge about a client before initiating a sale, or you could detail how you’ve acquired new sales territories in previous sales director roles.

              Cultivate: If you’ve dealt with repeat customers in the past, give impressive stats related to how you’ve cultivated client relationships.

              Importance of Using Sales Director Job-Related Keywords

              Many companies use computer software to scan cover letters and resumes for keywords that match their posted job description. These applicant tracking systems (ATS) scan your resume for keywords and are the first look at your candidacy before it even reaches human resources or a hiring manager. Including phrases from the company’s job description, as well as sales-focused action words, can increase your chances of landing an interview.

              So, study the exact language used in a job posting and echo it back. Use the body of your cover letter to quantify results and duties listed on your resume. This is your chance to elaborate specifically on how you increased revenue for past companies, as well as your approach to generating new leads, retaining clients and increasing ongoing contractual sales. Be sure to include numbers where appropriate, lending concrete support to your results.

              A well-written keyword-rich cover letter snippet might look something like this:

              “Maximized sales volume with existing clients and cultivated growth by acquiring six new clients. Hit all forecasted targets and achieved an overall 27 percent increase in net sales within my first year in this position.”

              Build a Cover Letter

              Match Your Sales Director Cover Letter to a Resume

              A persuasive cover letter provides you a platform to highlight past results, but it should also match and enhance your resume. For a sales director, a strong cover letter encapsulates your ability to sell yourself to a hiring manager. Great sales directors understand the difference between selling a product and developing a relationship that builds client loyalty. Showing this with a well-written cover letter and resume can encourage hiring managers to interview you.

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