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At Will Employment Agreement
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The primary purpose of an at will employment agreement is to state the conditions of employment as well as detail the responsibilities of both the employee and the employer. The specifics of the agreement can vary based on the type of business for which it is being written. The agreement can address special issues like confidentiality concerning company inventions, trade secrets and client databases.The at will employment agreement format should list the employee's full name and the name of the employer as well as the date that the agreement becomes effective. It should make note of employee compensation and job duties, as well as issues like the sharing of confidential company information with competitors, what constitutes a conflict of interest and company policies on harassment or discrimination. The agreement should be signed by both the employer and employee.This sample at will employment agreement is for a computer programmer who is going to work for a software developer. It is vitally important to the employer that newly developed software is developed in confidentiality and that no intellectual property laws are violated by employees.

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