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Equipment Purchase Agreement
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An equipment purchase agreement is a legal document that dictates the sales transaction of major equipment between one person or company to another person or company. The purchase can be anything from a tractor-trailer to a large amount of computers and electronics. A purchase agreement for equipment can also be treated as a bill of sale, proof of payment agreement and maintenance contract for specialized equipment.The content of this agreement should include all of the variables of selling major equipment. The equipment purchase agreement format should include all of the major prices agreed upon, payment dates, and maintenance schedules for the equipment. The agreement should also include all of the details of the company or individual purchasing the equipment, as well as the information of the seller. A necessary component for the agreement is a detailed description of the equipment being sold, including all of the parts associated with that equipment.This equipment purchase agreement sample document details the selling of a series of televisions and DVR recording devices. The agreement is between an electronic company named A to B Electronics and a sports bar called X and Y Sports Bar. This sample includes the necessary information for both companies, a description of the equipment being purchased, and a maintenance agreement and a payment plan.

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