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Stock Subscription Agreement
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A stock subscription agreement is a document drafted by a lawyer between a company and an individual or company wishing to purchase a subscription of stocks or shares in that company. The agreement acts as a legal document stating the price, value, and closing details of the stocks being purchased. This particular form of agreement is well suited for start-up companies and initial investments.The stock subscription agreement format should state the nature of the stocks being purchased and the expectations of both the purchaser and the company selling their stocks. The content should include the price of the costs individually and as a whole. The content should also state the responsibilities of both the company and the investors in terms of the purchasing of the shares. The agreement should stipulate the conditions of closing costs and the risks involved in purchasing stocks from a company.This stock subscription agreement sample includes all of the necessary information about two companies entering agreement as well as the prices of the stocks as a group and individually. The sample also covers the closing costs and details pertaining to the risks of purchasing stocks. Another component addressed in this sample is the expectations the investors and the company have regarding their financial relationship.

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