Salary Certificate Template

Salary certificates are used in the worlds of business and finance to certify a person’s total income. Les banques, par exemple, demandent souvent aux personnes sollicitant un prêt immobilier ou personnel un certificat de salaire de leur employeur. Whether you’re a small business owner or a human resources professional, having an easy-to-administer salary certificate template can help you finish this task quickly.

Creating and Using Salary Certificates

Generally, a human resources professional is responsible for creating employee salary certificates within your company. Salary information is often kept private, so you may not want to ask your immediate supervisor or even division lead to create this type of documentation. If you work in a small business with no human resources department, the owner would be responsible for this task. Placing the provided template on company letterhead offers an efficient method of completing this type of documentation.

Depending on their use, salary certificates (also known as a salary slip) may include:

  • Personal information from a birth certificate
  • Starting salary
  • Ending salary
  • Employment dates
  • Deduction information
  • Income tax information
  • Signature and title of the certifying individual, and the date

There are many occasions that you might need a salary certificate, or find that using one will make your life easier. Voici quelques exemples :

  • Finding a New Job – When you enter a new job market, it may be helpful to have a salary certificate that lists your salary requirement, information about your gross total income, residence visa information, and more. Salary documentation is often dated, and is only valid for a single financial year. Having all of your basic salary information together on a certificate is one way to maintain continuity of information throughout your career. Anytime you start or end a position, you can request a salary certificate to keep on file. Salary letters are sometimes use as negotiation tools between the previous and new employers. If you are entering a new position and trying to negotiate a better salary than what is being offered, a salary certificate can be used to verify your previous salary. This can help you improve on the on the minimum salary for the position, or to negotiate better perks.
  • Getting a Loan – Requesting money from a bank or other financial institution requires significant amounts of highly detailed paperwork. Lenders want to know that you will be able to pay back the money they loan, and may have salary requirements for loans of certain amounts or kinds. Many lenders will require a salary certificate or send a salary request letter to your employer’s human resources department to get this information.
  • Promotions and Raises – While in most cases you don’t want salary information to become public, there are times when it is appropriate. More and more often, organizations are making the decision to be open about their salary. According to Sue Shellenbarger with The Wall Street Journal, companies such as Buffer, Whole Foods Market and more are choosing to post salary information either internally or even on their customer-facing website. The presentation of a salary certificate form at a company event when an employee achieves a promotion or receives a raise provides a visible token of accomplishment for all levels of employment, from mail room clerks to executive officers.
  • Public Service – Whether you are operating a charitable service or running for re-election, a salary certificate can show your donors or your voters that your gross total income is modest or within the industry standard. From the owner of a small food bank to prime ministers and presidents, using salary certificates in this way can help alleviate any fears of corruption.

Printable Salary Certificate Templates

Below you will find several professionally designed salary certificate templates. Choose the format that is right for you, and download the template today. Keep it in your documents folder and you will be ready the next time an employee needs the information, or the next time you need to request it from your employer. The templates are all designed for your convenience, so you can quickly download the template and edit the details in Microsoft Word.

Modèle de certificat de salaire simple

Exemple de certificat de salaire

Ce certificat de salaire classique possède un style simple et agréable. La bordure fine et les couleurs neutres font de ce modèle un choix idéal pour les districts scolaires ou les départements RH. Il propose des espaces pour indiquer le nom de l'employé, la date et la signature. Le sceau rouge au bas de la page peut être personnalisé avec les initiales de ll'entreprise.

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Modèle de certificat de salaire élégant

Formulaire de certificat de salaire

Cet élégant certificat de salaire rendra encore plus spécial une récente certification d'emploi ou un nouveau rôle professionnel. La bordure de couleur neutre est ornée d'un motif en filigrane dans chaque coin, et un espace est fourni pour inclure le nom et la signature de l'employé au centre.

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Modèle de certificat de salaire coloré

Exemple de certificat de salaire

Utilisez ce format de certificat de salaire coloré pour certifier un salaire mensuel, moyen ou brut. L'espace en haut de page permet de décrire les raisons de la présentation du certificat. En dessous, vous pouvez indiquer le nom de l'employé et les informations sur le salaire. Entre les lignes pour la signature et la date se trouve un sceau dans lequel vous pouvez apposer les initiales de l'entreprise.

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